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How to Lighten Dark Underarms Fast with Home Remedies – Tamil Beauty Tv Hi Friends. You are watching Tamil Beauty TV and My hearty welcome those who are watching our channel. Now-a-days women wear sleeveless dress and for that we have to keep our underarms neat and tidy. Most of our underarms will be dark as it shrinks while we move our hands. We spent more for that and in this video let us see how to lighten underarm darkness with home remedies. Take 1 tbsp of rice flour. Add 1 tbsp of baking soda, Then add 1 tbsp tomato puree, Finally add little coconut oil. Mix everything well. Baking soda is also called sodium bicarbonate and it is best for exfoliating our skin. It removes the dead and damaged cells. The anti-inflammatory property balances the PH level of our skin and prevents skin irritation. Rice flour removes extra sebum in skin and makes your skin bright. Vitamin A present in tomato lightens the dark patches in our underarms. Astringent property present in it keeps our skin cool and hydrated. Apply the mixed paste on your underarms and for a demo i am applying it on my hand. After applying give a mild scrub with a toothbrush. Give a mild scrub as the skin will be soft in underarms. After scrub apply another layer and rub with your hands for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes wash it off. For moisturising apply 2- 3 drops of coconut oil.

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