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This week on Cracked Science: we go down the
rabbit hole in trying to figure out who taught the woman who says that cancer is a good thing. Hey, this is Jonathan Jarry and you’re watching
Cracked Science, the show from the McGill Office for Science and Society that separates
sense from nonsense on the scientific stage. You may be one of the thousands of people
who read my article on MontrealHealthyGirl, a self-styled naturopath with a large following
on YouTube and inaccurate opinions about seemingly every medical problem listed on WebMD. The reason why the article got so much traction
might have something to do with this: “CANCER IS A GOOD THING!!!” You know, because that’s not going to upset
anyone who knows anyone who’s ever had cancer ever. MontrealHealthyGirl’s recommendations would
make the Food Babe do a double take and ask, “Really? Aren’t you going a bit far with that?”, and
that would be coming from someone who once complained they were cutting oxygen with nitrogen
in airplanes. MontrealHealthyGirl’s creed is that Mother
Nature can cure whatever ails you. Here she is discussing how to naturally and
permanently heal all viruses, including, of course, HIV: No, of course you’re not making any of this
up, that colloidal silver can destroy the “full-blown AIDS virus”, which I believe,
uh, is the scientific name for it. Now, these dangerously mistaken notions about
healing didn’t appear out of nowhere. This woman was trained somewhere, and this
is the path I want to take you down tonight, because my little investigation has revealed
yet another example of how easily you can fool people into thinking you’re an expert
on the topic of health. MontrealHealthyGirl, real name Brittany Auerbach,
has a LinkedIn profile on which she declares having studied at the IFN, the Institut de
formation naturopathique or, if you prefer, the Institute for Naturopathic Training. Now, hold on to that word, “institute”, and
everything that it conjures up, because we will come back to this and have a good laugh. The IFN’s president is a guy named Guy Boh�mier. Despite this man being an important figure
in the history of naturopathy in Quebec, I could not find a single picture of him online. The IFN’s website, however, lists his credentials
and boy oh boy are we in for a treat. Boh�mier apparently has a Ph.D. in Philosophy
which he acquired, we are told, from the “Susan B. Anthony University of the State of Missouri.” Viewers in Missouri might be shaking their
heads right now: that’s right, no trace of this university online. It’s not even listed on the website of the
Council for Higher Education Accreditation for the State of Missouri, which lists diploma
mills. Now I wrote to the Missouri Department of
Higher Education to ask for clarifications, and a very helpful representative told me
that it never physically existed in Missouri. This “university” was a corporation from 1973
to 2016 and it once had its base of operation in Canada. Not just in Canada, and not just in Quebec,
but in Montreal. How do I know its exact address? Because it was published in a book in the
1980s about earning non-traditional college degrees. This so-called university was intimately tied
to naturopathy, as its president, Jean-Marc Brunet, is perhaps Quebec’s best known naturopath. But, hey, some of you will say, who cares
where Boh�mier learned philosophy, even if it was from Susan B. Anthony herself in
a fever dream, we care about naturopathy. Sure, now, I do need to point out that naturopathy
is prescientific and is tightly associated with homeopathy, and you do know my thoughts
on the topic of making something stronger by adding more water to it. But surely this man has a proper diploma in
a not-so-proper discipline, right? The IFN website informs us he is the recipient
of a doctorate in naturopathy from the Lincoln College of Naturopathic Physicians and Surgeons
of the State of Indiana. First of all, let’s get the obvious out of
the way: what is a naturopathic surgeon? Do they open you up with a particularly sharp
stone and fill you with catnip and cilantro? Now, again, no trace of this college online. I thought it might have morphed into the Lincoln
College of Technology, but a representative tells me they have no affiliation. So, I wrote to the Indiana Commission for
Higher Education, hoping for a clarification. A representative told me two interesting facts. First, they have no knowledge of this college. Second, they found a note from the now defunct
Indiana Commission on Proprietary Education, which used to authorize private, for-profit
institutions in Indiana from 1971 to 2012. This note reveals that the Lincoln College
of Naturopathic Physicians and Surgeons operated along with the American Institute of Science
until December 1, 1976. Both institutions were investigated for fraud
as part of a dual operation dispensing fraudulent diplomas in medicine. The American Institute of Science still has
a website. And this website is named on Beall’s infamous
List of Predatory Journals and Publishers. These are essentially fake scientific journals
that will publish anything and take your money. The Institute is also listed on Dr. Stephen
Barrett’s CredentialWatch website as a nonaccredited college. So here we have a man, Guy Boh�mier, with
a Ph.D. from an apparently nonexistent university; and a naturopathy degree from a nonaccredited
institution which no longer exists and which was investigated for dispensing fraudulent
medical diplomas. You know, this word, “institute”, it keeps
coming back. This IFN, that Boh�mier presides over and
where MontrealHealthyGirl studied, that’s also an “institute”. Do you want to see what an institute looks
like? This… is the IFN. As you can see, it’s a nice house. I like the little roof between the main house
and the garage, that’s quite practical when it rains. Some people might be bothered by the power
lines running in front of the house, but I’m afraid those might be necessary. You see, *this* is where the institute is. It’s what we, in the scientific business,
would call “the middle of nowhere.” Knowing all of this, let’s see what the glittering
marketing behind the IFN website proposes to us. First off, the IFN is also tied to two other
organizations, the AINH and the SES, and disentangling them is not obvious, as they all seem to feed
each other. The first is a training program; the second
is an association that caters to the particular brand of naturopaths he is training; the third
is a society promoting health prevention. The society’s website reassures the prospective
member that this is “an organization that works in a totally legal field.” Totally. Like, tots legal. It’s also concerned with “three areas of activity
which are not prohibited by any Quebec laws and probably by none in the world.” You know what’s the sign of a legit organization? When they brazenly state that nothing they
do is prohibited by law. Hey, guys, we have children leaving money
on a counter and, unrelated to that, bartenders leaving alcoholic drinks on said counter and,
unrelated to that, children, of their own accord, drinking said alcohol. We’re pretty sure neither of these separate
acts is actually prohibited by any Quebec law. The pi�ce de r�sistance in all of this
is the training program itself. It’s 1,200$ for the full naturopathy program,
and you may be asking yourself how many students can fit in the house with the nice little
roof. The answer is, this question is irrelevant
because this is an online-only education program. Students read booklets, they answer questionnaires,
they undergo two exams, online, at the time chosen by the student. And there’s a final project on a topic related
to vitamins, minerals and trace elements. And if you don’t believe me, I have confirmation
that this is an online-only business straight from the horse’s mouth. Well, not the stallion, but the mare, I guess? You see, there’s a phone number on the website. I couldn’t *not* give them a call. Now I really wanted to speak to Guy Boh�mier
but, as it turns out, he doesn’t take calls anymore. Lise Larose is the one who handles the operation,
and Quebec’s business registry lists her as vice-president. And I had a very nice chat with her. She was sweet. She told me their graduates are not qualified
to work in naturopathy clinics; they have to open their own businesses. She claimed their program graduates 5 students
a week, from all over the world, and that they have trained a total of 1,799 students. And because this is online education, you
never see a single patient. She told me that patients actually don’t like
it, having a student in the office, you know, *learning*. It’s really not popular. Someone ought to tell teaching hospitals and
send all those med students home. And that’s the beautiful part of this whole
operation. You never see a single patient. And then, when you’ve given your money to
Guy Boh�mier and his residential institute, you’re free to call yourself a naturopath,
start a YouTube channel, and say this. To purge your mouth of this bitter taste,
the OSS invites you, yes YOU, to come to our special event, Monday March 26th at 8PM, where
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21 thoughts on “Who Created “CANCER IS A GOOD THING!!” MontrealHealthyGirl? (CS13)

  1. I wish they would have researched in the information vs. what degree she is holds. Going to a reputable school is one of the ways to gain knowledge, not the only way to gain knowledge. I know someone who has access to ancient Vedic books for health and has cured some diseases without going to a doctor. Silver has been used as antibacterial since ancient times.

  2. Bohémier… Bohémie lol La bohème est une façon de vivre au jour le jour dans la pauvreté mais aussi dans l'insouciance.

  3. Maybe she has gone too far with the statement, but she knows and shares with the whole world a lot of vital informations everyday… actually she' s a wonderful strange person. Go check her youtube channel and her story before judging.

  4. She is a genious, i wasted half my life with Medical Doctors,i am so glad i found her..You do not know anything until you become ill yourself.I fixed myself after 30 years of being constantly ill.Medical doctors are now starting to learn about nutrition because they know that they dont treat people,almost never.

  5. I've seen many of Britt's videos, and while she may not be 100% right all the time, she's one of the few truly genuine/authentic people out there. Her information is legit, and you don't have to agree with everything she says. Take what's true for you and leave the rest. It's the baby-bathwater thing. This video though is just trolling.

  6. Brittany’s videos alone were the number one source that helped me CURE three diseases that were deemed incurable- vulvodynia, clitordynia and IC. I’m forever grateful for her! If it weren’t for her I’d be depending on my useless doctors and not be able to hold a job or go to school due to my conditions.

  7. I love this line from the NP about her. She is a “possibly well-meaning, but scientifically confused simpleton with significant potential to do harm.”
    Simpleton, lol. Come on, Quebec, regulate your NDs. Ours have to actually have an education here. Get with it and shut her down. No one should take a simpleton’s advice over a medical professional. Ever.

  8. Meanwhile, one of the top causes of death is due to prescriptions prescribed by accredited medical doctors!

  9. Academics like you have already long been corporatised and thus so g r e e d y that you negate what little authority you think of yourselves as possessing. Prats like you are indeed the ones who ought to be careful, yeah.. .. . .

  10. My partner has been badly damaged by MontrealhealthyGirl's "medical" advice. He has colitis and very bad reactions to dairy. Somehow she convinced him to take her kefir made with dairy as the cure for his colitis and dairy allergy. She sent him home with it. After a few weeks of this daily treatment he was in pain. Weeks after that, he was in severe pain with bleeding and diarrhea became housebound. This has gone on for nearly 6 weeks. He has now stopped the kefir and hopefully isn't taking anymore of her advice. He feels it will take him several months of of this pain before this clears similar to the last time he had dairy 7 years ago. I looked up her webpage and she puts the initials "N.D." after her name even though naturopaths are unregulated in Quebec. She should not be allowed to call herself a doctor. She is now residing in Toronto, Ontario where naturopathy is very regulated. Her name is not on the registry. So she should not be listing herself as an N.D. and seeing clients in Ontario.

  11. Wow! I so appreciate what Montreal Healthy Girl stands for and as long as there is no money in teaching others to use common sense and God's medicine to support their health conditions, the traditional ways of treating diseases will never support this natural health movement. We have to make our own decisions when the health industry fails us; this happens daily. Many people die from the poisonous chemotherapy and radiation treatments, not the cancer itself. If no one agrees with her teachings, there's always the conventional health care available, and other Youtube videos to that teach how to use expensive pharmaceutical drugs. Health treatment is a choice.

  12. I wasn’t going to comment but I felt the need after reading about the real dangers of what she’s promoting on science based medicine .org. For the past two years I have been chasing the dream of full remission from interstitial cystitis with holistic treatments. Brittany Auerbach was the first person I found and who’s advice I followed (for 3 months). She claimed a raw vegan diet can cure IC. Well all it did was put me into a SEVERE IBS flare up that lasted for months and I continue to frequently have agonizing flare ups, including right now. Her pseudoscientific health claims are false, her premise is misguided and she is merely parroting back information from quacks like “doctors” Morse or mercola, that is easily debunked by real medical scientists. Worst of all I paid $100 for her e book which turned out to be, of course, utterly worthless. These people profit off the sick and desperate by selling false hope. I still have IC pain on top of it and I have only just started going to a “conventional” Doctor – something these quacks made me terrified of doing – and I’m FINALLY getting relief. Moral of the story is that some of these people have bad intentions of satisfying their greed, some probably have good intentions like Brittany but are misguided, but in the end it’s all the same – you waste time and a shit ton of money. I’ve probably spent thousands on holistic treatments. Bottom line is, it’s like diving into a black hole that you think is a tunnel to the other side.

  13. the truth is in which side heals. using first principles thinking…break down the situation. Who heals from modern medicine? No one, you dont. Every disease is "genetic", for life, and requires a lifetime of dozens of medications with a decreased quality of life. And if its acute, antibiotics that destroy the microbiome are the only solution. The people who follow Montreal Healthy Girl all experienced the hell of this "science backed medicine". When we switch to what she teaches, we completely heal of all aliments. Alllll of them. The truth is in the healing …..smh

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