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The health benefits of mushrooms Mushroom has a unique place in favourite foods list. Mushroom is rich in protein and low in calories and so people who want to lose weight take this. Mushroom is easy to digest, protects heart, and prevents cancer. There are so many benefits but some people should avoid mushroom and today i am going share about this. Eventhough we prepare tasty dishes with mushroom the main key is washing it and i will teach you how to wash it. Take water in a wide vessel add lemon juice in it to avoid discolouration and wash mushrooms in it and spread it with a cotton cloth. Cut the mushroom and cook after the water is absorbed. If you don’t wash in this method it will take more time to cook and become rubbery. Some people have doubt within how many days we have to cook mushroom after buying it. You can refrigerate for 2-3 days and use and don’t keep it in the freezer and don’t use if it is sticky. Some people take few mushroom from the packet and close it again doing this may lead to discolouration. Feeding mothers should avoid taking mushrooms as it affects milk secretion. Some mushrooms are poisonous and we can find it easily as it be more colourful and bad odour so be careful while buying it. If you happen to eat poisonous mushroom immediately take fennel seed decoction as it will correct it. People with arthritis should avoid taking mushroom and you should not eat raw mushroom and take it after cooking. Mushrooms sold in most of the roadside shops is not mushroom at all and they add food colour and add chilli powder for spiciness and serve it. Instead of buying this from shops cook mushrooms at home and take it.

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