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98 thoughts on “Why Are Your Eyes That Color?

  1. I actually highly doubt anyone liking my eyes because I have heterochromia and I hate it and i think they'de probably think the same thing

  2. My eyes (& hair) changed several times until well into my teens. My kids eyes are doing the same so far. Mutants all!

  3. I live in Estonia and at least in the capital, less than 50% have blue eyes. I'm lucky enough to be part of that 50%.

  4. I have central Heterochromia; my eyes have two colors, gold or yellow surrounding the pupils and greenish blue farther from the pupils.  How does two colors within a single iris work?

  5. So some people have one eye blue and the other purple. I have a yellow ring in my eyes… it looks cool but what does that indicate? If melanosomes or the amount of melanosomes indicate that your eyes will be darker or lighter. Is another factor making abnormal eye color (like purple and yellow)? Have i lost everyone? lol or have i simply misunderstood the message here.

  6. Thanks for completely ignoring hazel eyes, dude. Did you know that the majority of Americans that think they have green eyes actually have hazel eyes, and that hazel eyes can change colors by expanding and contracting the cells with different amounts of melanin? This means that a very large portion of humanity has eyes that can shift colors on a whim, but don't know it.

  7. I eyes go like this:

    spring: Teal
    summer: Green
    autumn: Blue
    winter: Grey

    I was born in the middle of autumn so I guess I could just say I am blue.

  8. My eyes have hazel around my pupil, white around the hazel, Blue around the white and black around the blue but it's kind of hard to point Out the different colors out in my eyes

  9. the part about babies changing eye colour as they grow up is true. my eyes were blue when I was born, then they turned gray, and now they're brown.

  10. Good video, he is a good presenter, breaking down each piece of knowledge bit by bit. However, he didn't bring up lipochrome, which is partially responsible for the existence of amber, hazel, and green eyes.

  11. I have kinda browny reddish eyes people always say that I m demon well I m used to that from by brith and with my pale skin they the say I m THE ANGEL OF HELL that doesn't fair ! I need to change my eye color

  12. I hate it when people claim their eyes change throughout the day. like no that shit doesnt happen that fast

  13. I have hazel eyes, they’re mostly green, with brown near the center and a dark green circle around the iris. I’m not really sure if my eyes are actually hazel, or if they’re green. I’ve never really gotten a concrete answer.

  14. umm i'm from estonia and i don't think 99% of us have blue eyes..

    edit: i googled it and it seems that the scientist who said this meant that 99% of estonians have the blue eye gene. that doesn't mean their eyes have to actually be blue

  15. My dad used to have greenish eyes, but slowly they have faded to a very light blue. He has type 2 diabetes, and has done primarily labor intensive jobs his whole life, I wonder if his diabetes had something to do with it.

  16. I have no respect for anyone that changes anything about their body, you were made the way you are and you should embrace it and love it.

  17. Guys want to see something cool you need tho open the light then go to the mirror then get close whit ur eye ball then u are blue Balls or Brown Balls
    Like if it worked:D

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