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Hi everyone, how are you? I hope you’re all
doing really well. I’m back with the tip of the week, and today I wanted to talk a little bit about
artificial sweeteners. There are quite a lot of them around, and there’s a bit of a problem
with them, because a lot of people want to quit sugar because it’s the thing to do right
now, and also a lot of people want to quit sugar because they’re dieting and they think
that stopping sugar consumption will help them lose weight- which it will, unless they
transition from sugar to artificial sweetener. So how does this actually work? The first
thing is artificial sweeteners are much sweeter than sugar, so by consuming something that
is actually 200, some of them are even 600 times sweeter than sugar, you actually get
your taste buds used to having much sweeter foods. So the other things you eat, you’re
craving for them to be sweeter. So that’s not great. That’s number 1. Number 2 is that
because it’s still sweet, it tricks your body into releasing hormones that would usually
be released to deal with sugar in the system. For example, one of the things that will happen
is that your insulin levels will rise, and there’s not actually any sugar in your blood
stream, so it will go through your blood stream and take out whatever sugar is there- that’s
actually going to make you more hungry. So you’ll actually be eating more. It also does
the same thing with other hormones, it’s quite a complicated process, but the point is that
artificial sweeteners make you crave sweeter foods, want to eat more foods because of the
response you’ll get to the insulin, and they also help promote insulin resistance which
is something we really don’t want because that’s one of the things that happen in diabetes.
Also, long term effects of this, some people talk about effects of diabetes, weight gain,
even cancer. Now there’s not necessarily a huge amount of research done into this yet,
but there are preliminary studies that suggest that it can be a cause to all of these. So
I would be careful. So if you want to reduce sugar, try getting used to eating less sweet
things, and you’ve got to keep in mind that your body craves sweetness, that’s one of
the things we do because riper fruits are more nutrient dense, so we will always crave
sweetness, but you’re better off eating fruits than eating anything else. And if you’re going
to have something with sugar, go for regular and NOT diet, despite it being counter intuitive,
I assure you it’s actually better for you. So try getting used to reducing your sugar
levels: if you’re taking your tea with one teaspoon of sugar try reducing to half, and
then try reducing to none. That’s the way to reduce sugar consumption, do not move over
to artificial sweeteners. If you’re taking artificial sweeteners try to get used to stopping
it. You’ll be much better off without something that’s in it’s name- it’s artificial! You
know that can’t be good for you. It’s not in your nature- it’s artificial. So that’s
it, a bit of a rant, but also a bit of an explanation I hope. I hope you all have a
beautiful day! I’ll see you later. Bye!

2 thoughts on “Why artificial sweeteners are even worse than sugar…

  1. Thanks for explaining the issue with insulin even when eating artificial sweetener. And I like how you point out that's it's in the word …artificial! Such an important topic weaning off is the way forward. Once we reduce sweet our tastebuds learn to taste real food. 🙂

  2. This is a simple explanation of a common misunderstanding. Not only does Maya tell you what to do she tells you how to do it. Thank-you Maya.

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