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Hello, Friends Welcome All of you to my Show Dr. Trivedi’s Ayurveda Clinic Let’s start Today our topic is Why degeneration happens in our body earlier than it should be ? Many probable theories have been given to explain early degeneration but None of the theory gives satisfactory answers Till Today We are empty handed though constant new innovations in medical science take place. But Ayurveda, “The science of life” World’s 1st medical science written around 5000 yrs ago Throws lights on this issue. (Sorry, Phone Bell Rings!!) Let’s see what Ayurveda Says About Early degenerative changes. our health is entirely depend on What we eat Both the Quantity and Quality of food matters. The key to remain healthy is hidden in our choice of food. But More important thing is to sustain our health is How We digest whatever we eat Again How we digest whatever we eat So Digestion of food matters more than what we eat. Feeling difficult to understand? Let’s understand with an example Suppose, a carrot We all know that Carrot is full of Vit. A and better for Eye health. But Are we Sure that our body gets that Vit. A Situated in that Carrot ? Are We? Does that Carrot’s nutritional value helps the eye or not? It all depnds on how we digest that carrot. If we digest that carrot properly We will get 100% Vit. A lying in that carrot. If we digest only 20% of carrot We will get only 20% of Vit. A may be lesser than we need So, Friends Remember that Whatever you eat whatever it’s nutritious If you can’t digest that It only serves as a waste material for you and for your body. Due to poor digestion our organs don’t get proper nutrition which they need So Degeneration Begins early than it should be And friends We are making this mistake everyday Please, Don’t Waste your money on different so called nutritional products or Supplements My dear Friends, Just focus on your digestive system. All you eat goes to Different systems From Digestive System. So, Always try to improve your Digestive system. In our next video I will explain you How we can improve our digestive system To get more new videos daily Please subscribe our Channel If you like my video Plz do like and share the video. So, Friends we will meet again as early as possible Till then Stay healthy, Stay Happy Bye.

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