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HLT60512 Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy.
Naturopathy encompasses both nutritional medicine and western herbal medicine, and also a range
of other healing tools as well, such as homeopathy and iridology. It’s just like being a doctor,
except using natural means to help the body instead of synthetic ones. Once you become
a qualified naturopath there are lots of different doorways that will open up. So, you might
start your own clinic, seeing your own private clients, you could be working in a number
of different shops, such as health food shops, chemists, hospital environments, and nursing
home environments, so there’s definitely a lot of opportunities out there. At Australis
we also have clinical practical days, and that’s a great chance for us all to get together,
to meet face to face, and to actually discuss, all the naturopthy theory you have been learning.
The benefits of studying at Australis college are the trainer to student ratios, the fact
that the trainers are really passionate about the natural health industry, and that combine,
we bring a wealth of experience. Also you’ve got the flexibility of the online delivery
system. Pick up the phone, fill out the online form, and we’ll do everything we can to make
you naturopathy course experience with Australis, the best it can be. Study your passion, study
naturopathy. Australis natural Health College – A fresh Perspective in natural health.

2 thoughts on “Why do an advanced diploma of naturopathy at Australis Natural Health College

  1. That's why you have to go to some charlatan Australis health college instead of a recognised medical institute which uses scientific method.

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