Taking Charge of Your Health

I just
couldn’t do it ethically. I came into this field
being a naturopathic doctor and my goal is always what can
I do to help the suffering? So Pranin is a very
meaningful project for me. Try as I might using various supplements I had mixed results,
but what was perplexing were those people who
had these side effects, nausea, headaches, and
vomiting, and the more I looked at it the more I dug deep to discover why. I realized then that
many of these supplements were actually made with chemicals. Vitamins are made
with petroleum byproducts, coal tar derivatives,
formaldehyde, acetone, cyanide, many which are
extremely toxic and some of them are even carcinogenic. And I also had challenges
working with patients with osteoporosis, and
anemia, minerals that are considered elemental minerals
that come from rock parts. Years later I decided that
I couldn’t do this anymore, I literally threw away
$30,000 worth of products from my own dispensary, went
looking for natural products but since no one was
making it, I had to quit my full time practice to
start Pranin Organic. We actually use real fruits
and vegetables and culinary herbs in our products,
and all you have to do is read the ingredients, and every single one of those are plant foods. Pranin means life, it’s
an old Sanskrit term that means life, and to me
it’s all about the philosophy that live ingredients can support life. Dead chemicals, rotted
foods cannot support life. To me this is really the basis of our work is using live ingredients
to support the living. Natural supplements absorb 200 to 1500% better than synthetics
because natural nutrients are bound to food
components like proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. So
when you take these nutrients in the body says, ah, this is food! The Pranin products are
all in powder format because we’re avoiding all
these things in the tablets and the capsules that
interfere with the absorption, and so for the first
17 years of my practice I was working with all these patients with their osteopetrosis,
osteomalacia, even people with anemia that are
lacking iron, they’re having difficulty, and in fact I’ve
never been able to reverse a single case of osteopetrosis
in the first 17 years. When you see elemental
minerals as these minerals are on these bottles, these are minerals made from rock parts, so
in the lab they take these rock parts and make it
into a chelated form, bound into a gluconate, a carbonate, an animo acid chelate, and
unless you have a gizzard like a chicken or a bird, you
can’t digest these things. So when I started using these plant based minerals that come only
from seaweed, sea algae, and raw cacao, and many of these
plant minerals that we use, we’re now seeing reversals, and in fact we’re even seeing in 85 year old women with 10% below their age
group for bone mass density, after just using two of
these products that are plant based minerals for just two
years, they’re now 10% above their age group for bone mass density. So for problems like that
you need, again going back to food is medicine, you’ve gotta use the plant based minerals. We encourage everyone to
eat a plant based diet including their 10 servings
of fruits and vegetables according to most recent
research, but even eating that much on a regular
basis you may not be getting your essential vitamins and minerals. So cold processing is what we use to dry the product at temperatures under 40 degrees Celsius, which preserves essential nutrients that we’re trying to deliver to our customers,
so that means the vitamins and the enzymes are still bioactive. And then we mill it down to
powder form, put it in a jar. To the point where our
expired products, we even have farmers come and take our
products and compost them, recycle them into the soil. To me what’s so meaningful
about Pranin Organic is that not only are our
products helping people with their common problems
of metabolic deficiencies, but they’re also good for the environment. Nowadays we’re seeing so
many toxins in our air, our waters, our soils, and we know that there’s traces of synthetic nutraceuticals
in drinking water, as well as pharmaceuticals,
cosmoceuticals, personal care products,
and to me it’s a sad state of affairs and I wanted to
be a part of that change, and so Pranin is not only just
good for human consumption and their health, but also
good for the environment. And you know what? I’m ecstatic everyday that
I have this opportunity to produce these products and to share these products with so many people that are needing it. (soft guitar music)

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