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Hey guys, today let’s take a look at why Lord
Shiva is portrayed as smoking weed and drinking alcohol. In fact, we have a temple called Kaal Bhairav
temple in which Lord Shiva is fed alcohol every day. There is a mouth carved in the lingam, and
alcohol is poured through it as a ritual. Every year, on Shivarathri, which is the night
dedicated to Shiva, his devotees smoke weed before praying to him. Why is Lord Shiva depicted as an alcohol drinker
and a smoker of Marijuana? This is very confusing to the common man,
who thinks that Gods should not indulge in these evil acts. To understand this, let’s go back in time
many thousand years ago and assume that human beings were primitive. We have about 400,000 species of plants. How did we find out which plants can be used
as food, and which plants are poisonous? Which plants make you sick and which plants
heal sickness? The ancient Indian system of medicine called
Siddha documents more than 100,000 plants and their medical uses. How were these documented? In fact, their documentation is so accurate
that even today, they are being absorbed into modern allopathic medicine. For example, in the year 2000, a medicine
called Virohep was launched to treat Hepatitis B. The manufacturers of this medicine, have
openly stated that they extracted the chemical from the herb mentioned in ancient Indian
texts, and made them into pills. It is now available all around the world and
is accepted by doctors as a very effective medicine. So, how were such advanced medicines documented
at least 2000 years ago in India? According to traditional Siddha medicine,
Shiva comes from a planet called Shivalokha, and begins experimenting and documenting the
properties of plants on earth. These experimental techniques and results
were then passed on to 18 saints who documented the rest of the plants. Of course, historians and other experts will
tell us that this is nonsense, and ancient Indians found out these properties of plants
by trial and error or by accident. But we have solid evidence that ancient Indians
tested these plants just like modern day scientists. In the ancient Hoysaleswara temple, we can
see this strange carving. What does it show? It shows an alcoholic drink called toddy being
extracted from palm trees, and collected into a container on the ground. But you can something extraordinary – the
saint is watching two animals – a bird and a snake drinking from the container. It actually shows they were testing the effect
of alcohol on animals first, before beginning to use it on human beings. This is exactly what scientists do today,
they test it on animals first before giving it to humans. Right next to the carving of animal testing,
watch how a man gives a similar container full of toddy to a woman, and the woman is
clearly refusing it, look at the hand gesture. But why make alcohol at all, isn’t it evil
to drink alcohol? Why are these things even carved on a temple? Indian traditional medicine explains alcohol
and other intoxicants as absolutely necessary for performing surgeries. Take the simple case of tooth extraction. How can we do this without sedating someone? After all, ancient Indian texts explain complex
surgeries such as eye operations, amputations and even plastic surgeries. The ancient text called Sushruta Samhita clearly
explains how alcohol must be given to patients before surgery. But what about Weed? Why is Lord Shiva shown smoking pot? Today Marijuana is thought of as a drug, but
it was considered a sacred medicinal plant in India. Lord Shiva, who is the father of traditional
Siddha medicine was the first to test Marijuana on animals, and on himself, before giving
it out to human beings. Popularly known in India as Ganja or Bhang,
it is was used to relieve anxiety and pain since 2000 BC, which is 4000 years ago. Ancient Indian traditions recommends using
marijuana once a year to maintain good mental and physical health. This is why weed is smoked in India and Nepal
by devotees on the night dedicated to Shiva. The medical properties of Marijuana are well
documented in ancient texts – it stops Nausea and increases appetite, it can relieve muscle
spasms and treat many other diseases. There is also a cult called Aghoris – these
people have dedicated their lives to Shiva, they smoke weed on a weekly basis and claim
it keeps their brain sharp. A recent study in the United States shows
that THC, an active ingredient in Marijuana can prevent and treat Alzheimer’s disease
and can keep the brain sharp. We see a very interesting pattern emerging
in the western world. People who have denounced and ridiculed the
use of Marijuana by Hindus calling it a barbaric or evil act are slowly turning in favor of
medical marijuana. We now have medical marijuana legalized in
more than 30 states in the US and in 15 countries. So, now you know why Shiva is shown smoking
pot or drinking alcohol – nothing is evil about it as long as you know how to use it,
just like any other tool you have. If you use a screwdriver to poke your eyes,
don’t blame the screwdriver. I hope you liked this video, I am Praveen
Mohan. Thanks a lot for watching, don’t forget to
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71 thoughts on “Why Does Lord Shiva Smoke Weed and Drink Alcohol?

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  2. Also brahmin religious community do not consume it though if they have stated it. It may be restricted for those who have particular food habits. I don't think any saint smoking other than modern or rigorous naga sadhus.

  3. I don't believe our U.S. Government is legalizing marijuana because of its health benefits. More likely because they stand to become the next 'legal' drug cartels and millions to be made. They don't give one thought to their citizens health or we wouldnt have such a disaster of prescription meds and vaccine damage. JMO!

  4. the last line was good. ""don't poke your eye with a screwdriver and blame the screwdriver".

  5. In Tamil (the world's oldest language and the only classical language in daily use among millions) there is a saying "He who has killed thousand plants' roots (meaning using them for established medical indications) is a 50 percent doctor". One can only imagine the vast knowledge they possessed in those days…

  6. What you tried to link Mr.Praveen, what is necessity should Lord Shiva smoke or drink alcohol even for his good if yes whole your answer even question wrong, Shiva Means one eternal no need to consume like we do . Please stay out of sacred SANATHANA DHARMA linking with anything else because we are not enough geniuses to interprets, SO JUST FOLLOW AS IS, HAIL SANATHANA DHARMA.

  7. Your theories are not 100% .you trying to tell people that smoking and drinking is good. Because your God is smoking and drinking…… very strang and bad😏

  8. marijuana is used as medicine in modern day medicine ,it is grown legally under government supervision and used in anaesthitic medicine in some of the carribean countries. by this both goverment, farmers, and medicinal world are benefitted. other countries can try this restricted cultivation of this herb which will do good to the economy of the nation. this was shown in a episode in discovery channel an year ago.

  9. Your voice acsent is verry Erriteting……….please be normal
    … Indian Jentalman……….u r knowledge is verry good…but acsent is chutiya….

  10. Shiva not only drank alcohol but also poison… People who want to imitate Shiva should imitate fully. Imitating Shiva is totally different than being himself…

  11. Whats happend to Spain, they smoked so much that they forget their place?! (7:19)
    👍😁 big like you have one of my favourite youtube channel keep going on, big hug.

  12. Your videos r class…. Reporting without bias….. Very analytical…. Great job… Keep going…

  13. Lord Shiva doesn't use weeds and alcohol… Pls! He had to consume poison during Samudramanthan.. Just that. So please don't spread wrong informations.

  14. Praveen Mohan, Shiva is Adi Mahadev. He is the purest of pure, most pious among pious. He never used sedatives or intoxicants. The sects among Shiva devotees resorted to intoxicants and Aghori practices and gave an excuse that Shiva used to do that.
    Shiva is far above all these filthy practices and notions. He is not of the flesh but Purest form of Divine Energy.
    I hope you will agree to it.
    Thanks bro

  15. Iam a psychiatrist and condemn this. It can affect the brain neuro chemistry very badly. I have patients who have used only once and has become psychotic for life.

  16. Hi, I'm not sure that a God such as Shiva would smoke weed or wine to even determine the use of any plant or wine. Lord Shiva is all knowing. A Sadguru born with the knowledge of the universe! I found this to be depicting such a God as Shiva to be beneath the TarakaBrahma that He is. Lord Shiva was thought to be always drunk because He is always in Bliss as He can maintain His Kundalini always on the highest Cakra. Can you provide the source of your research that can proof Lord Shiva as normal Guru who smokes weed and drink wine?

  17. I don't agree with the reasons you say..he doesn't have to test on animals..OHM NAMASHIVAYA..The god who knows all

  18. Sir…which language belongs you I don't know but we are indian ( "English" made easy to understand , older days "Sanskrit" works same)
    I am kannadiga, there is same working YouTube channel is "Media Master" …my Request is why you people join together and research Ancient Hindu ( Not stupid Modern) technic and behind the secret of Hinduism and hindu( "Sanathana" ) drama…It work go on International level..👍👍🚩🚩

  19. Lord Shiva wouldn't waste his time in alcohol, marijuana etc. These things are considered unpure and demonic, because they make the person lose his senses and then make him addicted to it always and not bother to do anything better.

    Although Marijuana has only some medical benefits, it still is hazardous to our body because of the effect on our brain when we take it. Lord shiva's real addiction is the worship of his Lord Narayan. And he only has the pleasure of praying, meditating, teaching all of the Divine Mercy for himself and others.

    But some so called "Shiv bhakts" are doing it in the name of Lord Shiva. I don't mean to spread hate or anything but I just like to say that Lord Shiva doesn't smoke weed or drink alcohol, worship of the supreme is the best for him. Anyways Om nama shivaya, Har Har Mahadev. 🕉️🕉️🕉️🚩🚩🚩

  20. All Life including plants have a "ruling" spirit that can be honored and communicated with, but sensitivity is needed to do such things, a gift we have almost lost.

  21. Shut up you humans feeding a god sculpture alcohol what the fuck shive smokes weed it’s was in the book never alcohol alcohol is bad in every religion that portrays weed

  22. Last punch is highlight 😁😁 if you use a screwdriver to poke your eyes , don't blame screwdriver 👏👏👌👌👌👌

  23. .🍁SHIVABANAM🍁. The drink tat takes to HEAVENS of GLORY . Where u can resolve anything, this was the meaning said by SIVANADYAR(A follower of LORD SHIVA).when I asked to a preist.

  24. So, there is a guy. Billionaire Wheeler dealer called Randolph Hearst of Hearst Castle proclaim…anyway he owned a lot of newspapers and he didn't want hemp to be used to make paper he owned a ton of forest in Mexico and America so he called the Mexicans weed smoking demons and told everybody that there hemp was now marijuana and they should not grow it anymore. From there the usual buying off of Congress. That we now call lobbying started.with many articles in his own newspaper is proclaiming the Mexican menace is going to rape your white women completely racial bulshit…eventually Congress passed the narcotics law that made marijuana illegal in the United States after that trade treaties were signed and the worst of which made everyone make marijuana illegal including the people that you are speaking please undo this crap I think the trade treaty has been broken by the United States because we have legal marijuana in California Washington and Colorado… Which violates the trade treaty on our I don't think Nepal or India have to live up to those treaties anymore as far as the legalization of marijuana

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