Taking Charge of Your Health

I was working with a naturopathic doctor,
who’s a friend, and I was doing a cleanse with her and she asked: “what do you
have planned for this year?” and I was telling her different trips I had
planned and I said: “I’m going to Italy for a friend’s wedding”, and she said:
“If you’re going in Italy you need to visit Damanhur”. My name is Nikki Starr Noce,
and I’m born and raised in New York City. I moved to California about five years ago
when I started my spiritual path. As a born and bred New Yorker I was always
drawn to healing and helping people but when you live in a city like that it seemed the only obvious thing to do is to become a medical doctor so I’m also a medical doctor. Then I realized when I was in clinic
and working with people that I didn’t feel like I
was really healing them. I felt like I was giving all these prescriptions that
were like bandages, but there was so much more happening emotionally and beneath the surface that I could see and feel. So I got into traveling and doing yoga and meditation and all this started to cause me to wake up. With this I went on a journey around the world, and on that journey I started awakening
different gifts of healing, of seeing abilities. And I was asking: “Where’s the manual?”
because I was full of information and I didn’t know where to
find more. And that was part of what took me around the world as I was looking for something, and I didn’t really know what I was looking for until I found Damanhur. When I came in May I just came
casually for a three-day visit I was curious about what the community had to offer. Damanhur has so many layers
and levels and so after 3 days I could feel there was more,
but I had to go. And I thought: “okay I’ll be back”. And when
I told my parents about it, they looked on the website and they said: “There’s
a New Life program you know it’s like you go there and you live there for 3 months because we really feel this is your place maybe you should do this.” I was like: “Are you crazy I have work, I have retreats lined up, there’s no way I can take all this time off to live in a community for 3 months.”
But as the events started to move this is what happened. I came back 3
months later for the New Life program and then I’ve been here pretty much ever since doing 3 months in the US and 3 month in Damanhur, and now I have a dream to help co-create
a Damanhur community in California to really help to share the beauty that is here. For me the most amazing,
powerful, unique, thing about Damanhur is combining spirituality into
everyday life. The rituality, living and connecting with
nature, but even to the detail of spirits of nature I’ve always had this connection to energies in nature that are beyond what we can see and in Damanhur we celebrate this. I’m a seeker of knowledge, as I’m sure many of
you are, and for me having a foundation of that in my everyday life, with the
people I live with to share that with makes Damanhur’s reality that special that I want to share it with the world. So if any of you guys are traveling
the world, seeking, really looking in Damanhur you’ll find,
so maybe I’ll see you here.

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