Taking Charge of Your Health

Hi guys welcome to homeremedies1976. My
name is Stan and in this short video I will explain why I started this channel
and what sort of videos you can expect. I decided to start this channel because I
don’t have much trust in regular medicine. I want to see more happy people
in this world, lots of people are unhappy because of a poor health. This is not
necessary. When you look into nature and it’s natural remedies, you will see that
nature provides everything you need. Of course doctors can help you really well
when you broke a leg or when you need a new artery or some other mechanical
defect. But in my experience most of the time when you are troubled by diseases
which are not so mechanical in nature they are completely in the dark. They
don’t know anything or very little about curing diseases with food for example. I
will create videos on a regular basis and they will be about home remedies,
natural cures and more. Please like my videos and subscribe to my channel and don’t
forget to click the notification bell in order for my channel to grow and to
reach out and help even more people.

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