Taking Charge of Your Health

Heather Paulson: The reason it’s important
for your naturopathic oncologist to work as part of a team and in tandem with your medical
oncologist or your surgical oncologist is because we all work better when we have clear
lines of communication. Just like any relationship that you have in your life when you have open
minds of communication that’s where the magic happens. If somebody is cut out of conversation,
then we all kind of a little bit lost about where to go or what the best steps are for
you the persons sitting in front of us, so it’s a really important to have that role
of open and clear communication between everybody who is on your healthcare team whether that’s
an oncologist, a dietitian, a counselor, I really encourage you to have that. One reason
to include a naturopathic oncologist in your care team is because we do facilitate seen
you as a whole person and it’s really important to me that you don’t get kind of nude into
your cell type, you are a colon cancer cell or you are a breast cancer cell whatever people
sometimes feel like they are being seen as a pathology and instead of who they really
are and naturopathic oncology we really focus on looking at you know how you are doing emotionally,
how you are doing spiritually, how is your body functioning, is there something that
we can do to make sure your body is functioning optimally and these are the pieces of care
that my patients often tell me are missing when they have small team of providers and
one of the reasons why it’s great to have naturopathic oncologist added to a team of
healthcare providers. For an interactive tool to learn more about
your colon cancer and your personalized treatment options, go to

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