Taking Charge of Your Health

– Why is it so important to clean the liver? The liver is our hardest
working laboratory in our body. It does so, so much. Your liver metabolizes your
proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and stores vitamins and minerals. Very, very much needed for metabolism. But besides that, it is our filter. It filters any poisons and toxins. It also filters our
emotions and our thoughts. So the liver, is our, one of our most important detoxification in our subtle field. Let’s go to the subtle field. We are electromagnetic beings. Every cell in our body are like batteries, there’s a positive and
a negative force field that creates this integrity in ourselves. And we emanate it out, because we are physical,
and we are energy. In the physical sense, we are not alive unless
we have etheric energy. Our etheric energy is our life force. So, we have this subtle part of us that interpenetrates in threads of light, that fill our physical body. That makes us alive. When we pass on, there
will only be material here, and that etheric body will move on. Besides having a subtle
part of our physical, which we call the physical etheric double, we have an astral body. Our astral body is our emotional body. It is how we relate to the world. It is our connection to the stars. We have an astral body
that interpenetrates with the etheric force field of the life force of our body. And then we have a mental field, or body. This mental body interpenetrates
in the emotional, and the physical, and etheric. And that mental body is the way we think, not your brain, but the way we think. How we reach towards our goals in life, how we want spirituality.

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