Taking Charge of Your Health

Diabetes, High blood pressure, all this – allopathy
says permanent disorders, means you have to take the medication for the whole life, because
they don’t know the solution. And, at one level, they know the solution, they don’t
want people to know the solution. See, when your body is the income source for the pharmaceutical
industries, why will they cure you? NO, your expectation is wrong. It is like you go to
an engineer and try to expect that he will serve you food! No! Even that can be considered
as innocence. But if you expect pharmaceutical industries to cure you, it is absolute ignorance,
stupidity! Because, what for are they running the company? Understand, in India, medicine was always
non-profit from the beginning. All of you need to know, in my village I have seen, the
doctor will never get paid, but whenever the harvest happens, he gets his share. I remember
clearly, three share maraca – “maraca” is the measure in Indian villages – three
share maraca for one acre of land. Anybody who owns one acre land, he gives three shares
maraca to the doctor. And the barber never gets paid in Indian villages; he gets one
share. And the drummer, the musicians of the temple, he never gets paid. Any programme
in any house, good or bad, they will come and play. They don’t get paid; they will
get one share. Understand, Indian doctor gets paid only when
you are healthy. He doesn’t get paid if you are sick. If you are sick and don’t
work in the land, he doesn’t get paid. So, naturally, his interest is in keeping you
healthy. I am telling you in those days! In those days he gets his income if you are kept
healthy. Now if you fall sick only he has money.
Understand this much, the pharmaceutical industry which depends upon your body as an income
source is never going to cure you. The food industry which is the cousin-brother of the
pharmaceutical industry now in the modern world, is never going to let you be healthy.
In Indian tradition, food itself is used as medicine. Now, in the modern day, the medicine
becomes the size of the food!

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