Taking Charge of Your Health

I cleanse because I feel amazing
after I do it, like it’s because of the results you know I don’t cleanse
because I need to lose weight, I cleanse because I feel so much better afterwards.
Like my skin looks amazing. My skin glows I just have energy, it just feels like
this is what healthy is. I know it’s time to do a cleanse when I’m eating mostly
sugar. I know it’s time to cleanse when my digestion gets off. I choose the
Ayurvedic cleanse because I’m allowed to eat. It really resets your whole routine
around food, your awareness of your meals, your meal times what you’re ingesting.
And it’s a cleanse that you can still go to work,
maintain your you know gentle exercise and it’s not going to completely deplete
you. And it isn’t as scary as other cleanses because you’re not eliminating
food you’re not eliminating meals you’re really nourishing the body. I don’t want
to fast you know I would wither away to nothing. You’re eating regularly at
regular mealtimes. I’ve learned that the foods that I think I need and then I’m
attached to it’s just a story that I’ve created I don’t really need those foods.
You learn how much inner strength you have because it takes a lot of willpower
to to complete a cleanse. Any reason that you create in your head why you
shouldn’t be cleansing is the reason you should be cleansing. You’re gonna feel
lighter, you really feel more in your body after you do a cleanse, it’s worth

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