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Hi I am Dr.Samantha Gray, a naturopathic
physician, and today we’re gonna talk about the vitamin B complex, B complex
is found in a wide variety of foods from meats and fishes to beans, seeds and
seaweed, spirulina all these contain B complex each of the individual foods that I’ve
noted contain individual parts of the B complex, in
order to get the complete range of those foods you really need to eat all
those foods in your diet this can be particularly difficult for
vegetarians who don’t eat meat because B12 is one of the B complex vitamins that is contained in meat and fish so if you are eating a vegetarian
diet is important to supplement with B12 but you don’t want to just supplement with B12 because the B complex works together as a group so you really need the B complex as a family of vitamins in order to
prevent difficulties with managing stress with nervous system function, if you’re
having a hard time, you’re having foggy thinking you’re not managing challenging situations well, that sort of thing is a sign that you might be deficient in B
complex so if you’re unsure about it consult
with your naturopathic physician to get some more answers

11 thoughts on “Why You Need Vitamin B Complex

  1. I don't care what people think but I have severe depression and I asked my pharmacist is B Complex he said yes… I've been taking it for 1 month now
    how much time does it take,, because I see no amelioration. sad.. anxiety depression.

  2. what would be some vitamin or mineral deficiency that increase anxiety just have extra nervousness? I heard magnesium but does that lower blood pressure?

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