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Like. Share. Subscribe. [music] [music] Brazil nuts are not only delicious,
they are also quite beneficial to body builders, people who want to continue looking and feeling
youthful, and those suffering from thyroid disorders. Brazil nuts are a complete protein, because
they contain all nine essential amino acids, which are needed for Human growth and development,
and required for muscle tissue repair. Bodybuilding requires amino acids to support
muscle recovery and growth. Brazil nuts contain high levels of Methionine,
one of the most important essential amino acids. Methionine plays an essential role in the
prevention of chronic illnesses, as well as fending off premature aging symptoms and signs. This includes “Middle-age spread”, provided
you don’t overindulge. Brazil nuts are relatively high in calories, but have a high fiber content
that will leave you feeling full and satisfied. You need only eat ONE Brazil nut to reach
your daily recommended allowance of Selenium (70-90 mcg per nut). Just one! An ounce will give you approximately 544 mcg
of Selenium. That’s 777% of the recommended daily allowance
of selenium. Far greater than the RDA! Needless to say, if you have Brazil nuts on hand, you’ve
no need for supplemental selenium. Your thyroid cannot function properly without
selenium. Selenium boosts fat metabolism, may help to treat prostate cancer, and improves
skin healing following burn injuries. In addition, Selenium’s antioxidant properties
regenerate vitamins E and C, thereby decreasing the aging of skin. And who doesn’t want that? A 1 ounce serving of Brazil nuts contains
about 65 mg of magnesium. Amongst plant foods, Brazil nuts are one the riches in magnesium. Magnesium is a vital mineral that not only
supports the absorption of calcium in the body, it’s absolutely necessary for the formation
of healthy teeth and bones. Adequate intake of magnesium can greatly lower
your risk of Osteoporosis. Magnesium also supports heart health, by helping
to maintain healthy blood pressure levels, normalizing heart rhythm and insuring appropriate
blood clotting in the heart. This reduces the risk of heart attack and
stroke. And should you suffer a stroke, Magnesium aids stroke recovery by assisting the formation
of new cells and relaxing stiff and strained muscles. And for those suffering from constipation,
in spite of consuming an adequate amount of fiber in their diet, consuming more magnesium
may be the answer. In addition, the Magnesium found in Brazil
nuts releases the energy in your body slowly, doling out calories over a longer period of
time. It also aids the release of energy from other
foods, which helps muscle and nerve function. Also, by releasing the energy slowly throughout
the day, you feel fuller longer, and can more easily resist the urge to overeat. Most of the fat found in Brazil nuts is the
healthy unsaturated variety, which is good for the heart, according to the American Heart
Association. Of the 19 g of fat contained in 1 oz. Of Brazil
nuts, 41% is monounsaturated and 34% is polyunsaturated. Keep in mind that Brazil nuts still contain
the highest amount of saturated fat of any nut — one serving provides 21 percent of
the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA). So, don’t consume more than one serving of
Brazil nuts per day, if you want to keep your daily fat intake under control. As with most things that seem too good to
be true, Brazil nuts do have a downside. Eating too many, too often, can lead to serious
health problems over time. This is because of their high Selenium content. Read my April 2013 article, “Selenium: Why
Too Little or Too Much Can Be Deadly” for more information. Also, Brazil nuts’ high fat content means
that they will go rancid fairly quickly and must be kept refrigerated. You can even freeze
them if you like. Despite the caveats, Brazil nuts are a food
well worth adding to the shopping list. For more information on food nutrition and
more specifically Amino Acids, Selenium and Magnesium, visit my blog — Holistic Health
& Living. You’ll find the link in the description box below. [music] If you have any questions or comments on this
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81 thoughts on “Why You Should Eat Brazil Nuts (CC)

  1. Assuming that you get sufficient nutrition from the rest of your diet, I'd recommend no more than one serving per week. Even if you do not eat many vegetables containing selenium, eating more than 1 or 2 Brazil nuts per day is a not a good idea. If you eat too many, for too long, you may find yourself suffering the effects I mention in the video, and my article, Selenium: Why Too Little or Too Much Can Be Deadly. The link is in the description box.

  2. If it's not everyday, or more than twice a week, over a long period of time. It took about three months of overdoing the selenium rich foods, mainly Brazil nuts and even sunflower seeds, before I started showing signs of selenium poisoning. I imagine this is why when one purchases mixed nuts there are so few Brazils in there.

  3. Thank you for your post on Brazil nuts. I suffer from Hypothyroidism and my doctor told me to do 4 a day and start cutting back on my Thyroid medicine. What info do you have on this? Thanks again, Tricia

  4. I'm sure your doctor knows what (s)he's doing. And I think it's great that they're willing to take a natural approach. I also suffer from hypothyroidism and I would be very interested to know if you are successful with this approach. I know a couple of people who have promoted the idea of using Brazil nuts instead of levothyroxine. One even claimed success. This was on a LinkedIn group, btw, but you may be able to find it with Google. I hope you can make the same claim of succes soon. Good luck!

  5. whoa ! damn it i didn't knew this before and i ate too much of Brazil nut , i just wanted to eat it for my hair growth

  6. If I can only one such nut a day, then for me a reason not to eat them anymore, as I will get too much selenium then. Selenium is also in other nuts.

  7. subbed, i like these dr vids but only problem is you get one dr saying one thing and another saying sommit else, so many different answers 


  9. Brazil nuts will only have Selenium if the soil that it is grown in has selenium. So that's something to consider. 

  10. @Holistic Health & Living; how about eating three Brazil nuts each day for a month? Too much or too little? I'm trying to treat my acne/skin conditions by adding these to my daily nutrition.

  11. Me detectaron la tiroides hipo y tambien ostoartritis y en mi ciudad no encuentro esta nuez soy de gomez palacio durango

  12. dont brazilian nuts contain radium?. i'm not saying radiation is bad, well cause i'm always messing with different material with different isotopes without protection and havent been burned or had any radiation poisoning symptoms

  13. Thanks for this great vid.  Quantity of selenium per Brazil nut may vary according to state of soil where grown.  Most Brazil nuts are reputedly wild crafted from rain forests and available minerals can be variable.

  14. I am considering remaking the Go Nuts! series and, perhaps, even adding to the series. If you have an opinion on the topic, check out this video: and leave a comment.

  15. Interesting style, good video. Just tone down the music. It's great on it's own, both the contents and the music. But in this video, information is more important…

  16. Do Brazil nuts have a high iodine content as well?  I thought you would mention that, but because you didn't I am wondering do they.  I heard they did am I wrong?

  17. The natural fats and oils in nuts are rancid after being stored in the warehouses for more than a year . They should be consumed in season and in a shell . If you have heart disease avoid every type of nuts .Avoid also avocado and consume fat free , salt free , organic vegan diet meat , no eggs , no dairy . if you're young punk and healthy you can eat every thing .
    Brazilian nuts are the most radio active nuts .

  18. Please let me know which is best time to take Brazil nuts- morning/evening. Is it required to take in empty stomach or full. Please suggest me

  19. Just one question: Are Brazil nuts better raw or roasted? I ask you this question because I find Brazil nuts roasted in a microwave oven very delicious. Thanks a lot great video!

  20. I have on average 1 Brazil nut a week and according to scientific data that is enough to give you health benefits

  21. Oh man so how many Brazil nuts can u eat a week I'm eating them like Skittles right now decided to check them out and looks scary too much can damage u

  22. here in brazil we called it "castanha do pará" has these name because its region in pará state region amazon hahaha today same i ate it's very very much i recommend for all you

  23. Eating can of mixed nuts that contain Brazil nuts. Googled it to see if they were healthy. I love eating nuts, despite the Gay Jokes.

  24. our local store could not get brazil nuts for almost a year. we just got them back!!!! had to come and tell you how much they are good. i workout and am getting older. we need foods like this in our lives

  25. The shell has 3 times as much selenium as the actual nut per two studies so buy ones with shells (google buy brazil nuts shells country name), and grind the shells down with mortar, and pestle or in a hand or electronic herb grinder. I'm about to buy some online. The ones with shells are cheaper than ones without too.

  26. You should also eat Brazil nuts because they help preserve the rainforest. Brazil nut trees require pristine rainforests to produce the nuts due to presence of pollinator bees – a situation which does not work on a farm. Thus, the more Brazil nuts you eat, you are encouraging locals to preserve rainforest for their income.

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