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Science provides new hope for paraplegics!
You go, science. Hey guys, Tara here for Dnews with some exciting
news – as of this week, we are one step closer to a cure for paralysis! An experimental new treatment called “epidural
stimulation” has given new hope to men and women suffering from chronic paralysis. Three years ago, doctors at the National Institute
of Health successfully rehabilitated a man who was paralyzed from the neck down, by zapping
his spinal cord with electricity. Ever since that miraculous recovery, doctors have wondered
if it was just a fluke – or a potential avenue for future therapy. Fast forward 3 years, to this week – when
the team of doctors that initially made that discovery, managed to replicate it 3 more
times, with 3 different male patients – all of whom suffered spinal cord injuries that
left them paralyzed from below the neck or chest for at least two years. Treatment involves implanting a suite of electrodes
in the vertebrae of the spinal cord, and administering doses of electricity. Those electrical impulses
allow the spinal cord to receive simple commands from the brain, through circuitry that was
previously considered irreparable after spinal cord injury. All 4 patients are now capable of some degree
of voluntary motion, but they still aren’t able to walk unassisted. The simple act of
lifting their legs and standing, however, is still a huge improvement over complete
paralysation. One patient noted that even when the machine was turned off, he saw “huge
improvements in bowel, bladder and sexual function.” Obviously this treatment is still experimental
– but experts say it could eventually prove more effective than standard approaches, including
medicine and physical therapy. “The big message,” they say, is that people
with spinal cord injuries of this type “no longer need to think they have a lifelong
sentence of paralysis.” What about you? Does this give you hope for
the future of paralysis patients? Let us know in the comments down below, and for more happy
stories like this one – be sure to check out

100 thoughts on “Will Electric Shocks Cure Paralysis?

  1. While news of medical advances are great, I thought that something like this would've been tested a very long time ago. I mean this is Galvani-type shit. Just put some jumpers across the spine. How can scientists make cerebral-monkey robot arms before this? Somehow we humans try to be too complex.

  2. hollow. D news. i need 2 say it… your videos is all just lies about 87% of it. STOP its not cool and your making ppl  stupid… and y youtube lets you do that IDK but ill find out if i have 2! you batter stop. r the kids get more and more  and more and more………………….

  3. My mother has been paralyzed from the waist down since a car accident in 2011, this gives me hope she'll be able to walk again. I wish this technology would hurry up and become available to the public

  4. Electric shocks cure paralysis, you don't say?? WTF is wrong with since these days, in 2013 the US government spent millions researching why monkeys throw poop at each other, I shit you not.   

  5. Okay, if it can restore movement to people who weren't born with paralysis, then can it do the same for people who were?
    My best friend was born with cerebral palsy and isnt exactly "paralyzed" per say, but does have very limited range of motion in both legs and her right arm.Also she cannot walk without the use of her walker.

  6. Careful, honey-buns. You are reifying. Science is watching me and knows all my secrets. Science is mad at me for my bad APA formatting. If I don't repent, science will strike me down.

    Do you see what you are doing? Read your comments. You created this fight and you are turning a generation into head-butting ignoramuses.

  7. why cure chronic paralysis with bullshit, instead look for methods to treat things that couse chronic paralysis like vaccines.

  8. Hey is it just me or does Tara kinda looks and acts infront of the Camer like Anthony Carboni because she has the same face expressions and few shared Lined like You go science.

  9. Did Anybody else stare at her glasses' shadow while watching this entire video ??
    I found it really eeriee :3

  10. Was i the only one saying so so close to cybernetics.. So close… for serious though if they ever came out with cybernetics id cut of my arm and rave around like a lunatic with it

  11. I thought there was a researcher in Europe who was able to reverse spinal paralysis with a type of stem cell therapy?

  12. this is good news. =)   if i ever get paralyzed i will remember about this.   i was also wondering about  if they could also  implant electrodes  on the brain then have them go down the spine to the muscle  and just make a bypass for the damaged nerves  its hard to say if it would work but i seen someone was working on it  long time ago. 

  13. Truly exciting news, but….didn't any of these Doctors watch Frankenstein as a kid?
    They should have known electricity fixes everything for crying out loud

  14. I think that physical therapy will still be an important part in recovering, but anything that improves quality of life is a good thing in my book.

  15. I see noble prize winning therapists right there!
    Even with the 3-4 people they cured, that's already amazing and mind boggling.

  16. I believe that, at the rate at which the sciences are progressing, there is no doubt that we will one day be able to regenerate damaged body-parts, organs, and anything pertaining to our physical bodies…
    From "outer" Cybernetics (robotic exo-skeleton) & Nanobots, DNA manipulation, Cloning… our physical bodies could be programed to become invulnerable & immortal. That is the good news for the people dealing with paralysis (& any diseases, for that matter)…
    But what good will that do, if humans aren't able to unite, to live in peace? …to understand, to feel compassion & to lovingly help all those whom live in distress?
    To live for and by One rule: …to spread unending waves of loving energies all around them, and doing so, naturally.
    We humans don't need so much healing of our bodies (…), as we do healing of our hearts! We won't be able to live in a brotherly-peaceful world until we are at peace with ourselves, with one-another, with the knowledge that the Systems have been dominating our beliefs and imposing their rules about what we can or cannot believe in…
    Our beliefs create our reality! Our body regenerates itself when hurt. To some extent, but it still does… This limitation of what our body can do has been programed eons ago right into our cells' data-banks. And the neuronal connections have been severed. But soon, the Scientific Community will discover the link to reactivate the dormant strand. When that occurs, "miracles" will start happening all around the world.
    Science & Knowledge does not belong to a few "elite". It is an inherent part of our whole being. Once we have access anew to our full cell-memory, watch us rebuilt a new world, that will begin the 1000 years of the Golden Age!
    Everything we were said to believe in, needs to be quickly but thoroughly reviewed, upgraded, or modified, according to the Universal rule of Love & Prosperity. Anything less will keep us running around in circles, as has always been the case, up to the present days…

  17. 0:36
    In other words, and more accurate really: "just a fluke, or an avenue for generating more revenue".
    Like medical boards actually give a shit about your health. Ahaha!

  18. AND they just figure this out now… wow… 5 year old me was already thinking this (year 2001)… where have you doctors been !?

    Nothing is incurable… nothing… If we just use the human bodies ability to repair, we can cure everything.
    Always dream, everything possible people, everything is possible… :'D

    (Psychological illness is something different and is not really a function of the physical it seems, least to me.)

  19. That news reporter was accused of being a witch and burned that very same week. Dnews was then shutdown for being too informative on subjects that matter. And Obama was very happy indeed.

  20. how can I get more info about this I have a friend who is paralyzed shoulder below and wants to try things like this?

  21. the epidermal stimulation improves the motor function.can it also improve the sensory function?coz i am happy if i am able to walk but if stepping to a thumbtack or any sharp object without feeling it wud be bad,right?

  22. Paralysis is basically nerve damage preventing brain from communicating with body parts. Can't we create wire and machine that would link the brain with the paralyzed part?

  23. I suspect there will be a complete cure for paralysis in about 30-50 years. Using artificial wiring doesn't count. I'm talking about spinal cord regeneration

  24. People who keep saying that this is proof God doesn't exist are total dumbasses. I was completely paralyzed from the neck down one year ago and am now almost able to walk unassisted. Every doctor I talked to said I would never get out of the wheelchair but I did it.

  25. It dsnt help as I've tried it on myself as I'm also a patient of paralysis from last ten years
    I have tried everything and there is a machine that gives botherable electric shocks to the affected area of the spine and the paralysed part too
    It helps a little but its not totally a successful treatment for patients like me or maybe I'm not that lucky you can say
    But we should never give up
    Never loose your hope to recover from such disabilities
    I exercise regularly and now Im recovering too 🙂

  26. I have been in a wheelchair since 1992 and ive been hearing of these "breakthroughs" now for the last twenty five years and so far they have added up to jack and shit beyond getting grants and funding to do more research that has also so far added up to jack shit. Less hype, more doing something beyond a headline to show to your donors. Thanks

  27. they've hag THE cure for aids,cacers, and now proof for paralysis.. I'm paralysed.. telling me tje best they can do is put a metal cage in my back n put me a chair with 2 wheels…ya ok assholes… ralease the cures mfs

  28. My father suffer in paralysis last year may 2017 . 70% recovered but not 100% I share my experience for paralysis patient. 1st take blood pressure tablets twice time a whole day like morning & night as per doctor recommended ,2nd most important dose or tablet "Choline" formula Choline help to improve our nervous system specially paralysis patients you can got choline from salt fish by naturally, 3rd tablet is "Acetyl-L- Carnitine" is very important formula for paralysis patients ,4th tablet formula is "Mecobalamin" .Mecobalamin most important for fulfill deficiency of red blood for old aged patients.5th tablet is ascard-75 mg formula is ' Acetylsalicylic Acid" coated aspirin

  29. Open Google Doc Rajendra sheregar And see images videos litreture medical science institution Cardiovascular and multìspeciality ELECTRIC INJURIES AND MEDICAL SCIENCE

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