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It’s Eric Bakker. Thanks for coming back. It’s cold here in New Zealand. It’s still winter time. We’ve had a few frosts. I hope all my friends are doing fine in the
States and Canada and in Europe. Now let’s get onto it. I want to tell you the best exercise that
you can possibly do to lose that stubborn belly fat you’ve had probably all your life. Now you’re sitting here thinking, “Oh man,
here we go. This guy’s a scammer. They’re all scammers. All of these people who say you can lose belly
fat instantly and you can lose the weight and all that sort of stuff, and Mr. Bakker
is just another one of these deluded fools who’s going to show us some kind of trick
and some kind of BS and all this sort of stuff.” I ain’t going to show you no tricks. I’m not going to show you any BS. I’m not interested in marketing stuff or hyping
you up or anything like that, but I can tell you guys out there now, there’s one thing
that you can do that’s going to make you lose this. Okay? You know what is the best exercise? You ready for it? It’s this. Let me do it again. Oh my goodness. Wow. I’m cracking a sweat here. What am I doing? What do you think I’m doing? Am I doing some kind of standing up pushup
or something? Am I pulling your leg? No, I’m pushing the plate away from my face. That’s what I’m doing. See my dinner plate here, my sort of dinner
plate. I’m actually pushing it away. Now if you go like that, I know you’ve got
a big dinner plate and if you go like that, you’ve got a smaller one, but this is the
best exercise you can do. The best exercise you can do is eat less food. That coupled along with some basic stuff like
walking every day or getting if of your car and getting one of those cars that used to
have the windup windows, getting rid of these dumb phones and having a phone that used to
put the finger in the hole and turn it around like us Baby Boomers did. The point I’m making with this video is you’ve
got to get off your butt. Okay? You’ve got to do stuff. You can’t just sit there all day. Less than 25% of people in North America gets
sufficient exercise. People are just not exercising anymore. I see this all the time. It’s incredible. My wife and I went out for a nice meal yesterday,
a nice pint of Irish beer, which I like sometimes and a nice meal and what we saw was how people
had their plates loaded up with food. It was absolutely unbelievable how much food
some people eat. Literally mounds of food and you can see the
mound here and you can see the mound there. And that’s what I’m saying. This is a great exercise, okay? It’s not just about how like how you exercise
or what kind of exercise you do. It’s about cutting back on the calories. It’s very, very simple. “Oh, Eric, I can’t do that. I get hungry. I need to have some candy. I need to have this.” I hear all these crybaby stories from people
all the time. But let me tell something, you’re not going
to be crying lying in a hospital bed when they’ve got tubes or poked all different orifices
and things like that. Or you need to inject yourself every day like
some diabetics do. It’s awful to get diabetes, people. It’s awful disease. And in New Zealand, like in your country,
in North America, we have a tsunami of diabetes heading our way, a tsunami. We don’t just have global warming issues,
we’ve got diabetes issues. We’ve got serious diabetes issues and it’s
coming your way unless, let me do that again. Can you do that exercise at home? You need to do it three times a day. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, okay? So eat sufficient food. But remember, don’t eat everything on your
plate. You don’t need all those calories. Your brain likes those calories. It could be the dopamine or hormones that
are pushing up your desire for these foods, but I can tell you now you don’t need that
quantity of food. All right? Let me ask you a question. How much do you weight now and how old are
you and how much did you weigh when you were 21? Now, I don’t want to boast here, but I weight
about 165, 166 pounds today, exactly the same weight I was when I met Tracy when I was 25
and I’m almost 60. So, if you can maintain a similar body weight
all your life, you may get a winter coat of a few pound here or there and shed that coat
when you get to spring or summer, that’s okay, we all do that. But what I’m saying is if you start gaining
a couple of pound per year, then by the time you’re my age, if you started at 25, you’re
going to be a really big boy or a big girl and you’re going to have a lot of health problems
down the track when you get really obese. You might not have it in your 20s or 30s,
but let me tell you, when you get to your 60s or 70s and you’re carrying weight, you’re
really in big, big problems. So, you want me to show you exercise again? I’ll show you now what I’m talking about. Now, this video is not meant to poke fun at
people or patronize people. All I’m saying is us Baby Boomers but also
you young folks out there, you millennials, take heed. Cut the calories because I’ll tell you now
with all this technology coming in, you guys are going to slow down more and more. Now you’re going to get autonomous vehicles
coming in. You don’t even have to look anymore. Pretty soon you won’t even have to talk anymore. You don’t have to do anything the way technology’s
going. it’s freaky, but that’s the way we’re going. I saw this coming when I was a young guy. I knew that one day people were going to get,
have no need to do anything anymore. And then when I was starting to study naturopathy,
I started to understand that that would equate to obesity. Now the obesity crisis now is out of control. You need to take control of your own life. Not your doctor, not your husband, not your
wife, not your son or daughter. You need to take control and the way you’re
going to do that with your fat puku, we call it a puku in Maori in New Zealand language,
your fat tummy, is to do this. All you need to do is cut back on how much
you eat. It’s so simple it’s almost insane. I’ll leave you with it. Have a good day.

21 thoughts on “World’s Best Exercise To Lose Belly Fat Forever – NO Joke

  1. This. Has ALWAYS been the best advice! Thank you for remiinding everyone! The current generation has 20% less strength and 30% less stamina!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. I exercise for 3 – 4 hours on Treadmill my portions are small. Since my ankle reconstruction 😔 ah well. Candida & grains

  3. I saw an interview of Dolly Parton years ago. When she was asked how she lost all of her weight, she said she learned to push her plate and herself away from the table.

  4. So you ARE saying weightloss indeed is = calories in vs calories out….? very confused coz u replied to another comment saying it is not just simply that….

  5. but sometimes you could be doing everything right and there's still a little piece of fat around the stomach that just won't go away! it's almost like the only way to get rid of it is through cosmetic surgery but not everyone has that luxury of affording it

  6. It's impossible to do anything when you have a big gut.. I speak from experience. I need to start pushing the excess food away instead of pulling it closer to me.

  7. I think the type of food is just as important as the quantity on your plate.
    You can eat plenty of healthy options and it shouldn’t affect your weight much. What will cause issues is sugar in drinks and yogurt, condiments/spreads, and processed foods such as bread, pasta, gluten etc.

  8. I have some abdominal fat that won't shift due to when I was on olanzapine. That's an evil drug. No matter how much I exercise, extreme dieting like keto. Been off the drug for years, but the stuff left some permanent metabolic effects.

  9. We often equates excess with success, we like to pile our plates with food especially at the buffet restaurant where we try to beat the price by overindulging ourselves with food. It’s must be a psychological thing.

  10. Push-aways do more good than Push-ups. You can't out-exercise a bad diet. It's not just calories in, calories out, though. Check out Dr. Jason Fung. I went from 112 Kg in Mar to 81.5 today. Low Carb High Fat. Starting resistance training to build muscle tissue now that I can move around better. I'm 58 and haven't felt this good in years.

  11. I knew you were going to do this. Like when you did the video on cure candida in one hour. To funny. Have a great day.

  12. If you want help on weight management check out my new report down below!

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