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Painting With Yovette, Bonus Lesson, Golden Rays of Sunshine Well Hi, This is Yovette again. I’m back
with the bonus video because I had so many subscribers say that they really
wanted to see this one done more in the pastel colors. So I am delighted to bring
it to you, and I want to tell you that I will post the finished photo at the end
of the video, and I will also post the black-and-white photo so that you have a
reference to go by. And then of course I’ll put the links to the first and
second part of the original one so you have a better idea of how the whole
thing progressed. So anyway I wanted to mention that, and also in this video, I
forgot to mention yellow! I want you to be sure to use Indian yellow, only
because Indian yellow is a transparent color. All the other colors in this video
are transparent, they have to be. So make sure that you use Indian yellow. And also
the blues. Blues are just extremely strong so go real light on the blues and
yeah and you’ll have a great painting at the end. So anyway, well let’s get started!
Well, so I’m back with a little bonus project for you guys, because it sounded
like you really wanted to see this! So this one will be like the other one, only
just a little bit different. And all I’m doing is putting on my oil medium, and
you can use any oil medium that you want as long as it’s clear. Can be walnut oil
or anything. Anyway, a nice thin even coat of clear oil. Just make sure it’s all
mixed in. Now, the first thing I want to do is pick
up a little yellow, and the colors are going to be in the description below, so
you can look at that. So with the yellow I’m going to go in here and just lightly
lightly lightly put in a little bit of a sky, kind of a distant background thing. Actually, we can just go ahead and do
this – Sorry, I forgot to put my microphone up close. Anyway, all I did
like I said was the oil. And then just plain yellow. That’s too dark. You want to keep this as
light as possible. Now like I said, this is going to be a
little bit different than the other ones, and yet at the same time it’s very
similar. Okay, next I want to take a little
crimson, alizarin crimson. I’m going to go just above that yellow, just tapping the
brush lightly. Oh my isn’t that pretty? Did I ever tell you
guys that I lived in Alaska for years and years just like Bob Ross did? I had a
home in Anchorage. I don’t have that one anymore.
But I sure did love it while I was there. But I’ll tell you what, I was really
happy to leave too! It is cold there in the winter! The winners are very
long and very cold. Okay, I like that! Then I want to go into some blue with a
2 inch brush. I’m going to go into phthalo blue first. Let me get a bitter
hold here. And going up at the top, now this was a clean brush, it didn’t have
any color on it. I’m going to make this one a little bit
more pale than the one I did before, although I really like that other one
too! Isn’t that interesting? I like it. And let’s see,
I want to go into a little bit of Prussian blue, because that’s just a
little bit darker, and I’m just going to darken the corners a little bit. Now that helps to bring this glow out, if
you darken the corners. And I’m just hitting with a little bit
of blue here at the base of these trees. That kind of brings out sort of a
greenish tone. Okay, next I want to with my knife, I’m going to mix a little
alizarin crimson and sap green. Makes a beautiful Christmas Brown. It can be
towards the greener side or the red side. I like a little bit more towards the red
side, and wiping my knife off. Okay, tap into that, not too heavy because I don’t
want it too too dark. Now just go into the bottom, and just bring some of that
brown down in there. This is kind of where the shadows would
be. Oh, and I want to do the pathway. And this pathway, this particular one,
goes way back in here, so it’s kind of like a s-shaped. Okay, I’m liking that! Now I want to take
and wipe off some of the color where it’s just a little too intense. There,
I just want to blend that in a little bit. And I also want to do some of these tree
trunks and just bring that brown up into the tree trunks, the whiter tree trunks. See, this is very similar to the other
one, it’s just different colors, which I love that, I love it! Okay and I want to
make some of these highlights show up a little bit more, so I’m going to take off
some of the white, or excuse me, the yellow, I want to bring the white out. Yes
like that, like here, oh yeah that’s nice! Okay. And as has kind of a last little
touch, I think I want to, okay I want to go into a little alizarin, and what I
want to do is just kind of give these a little bit of a rosy color here, kind of
like maybe it’s it’s flowers or something? Something in bloom, that’s always kind of
nice. Yeah I like that! Okay. And also I wanted
to blot out some of that pathway because I want that to show right in here a
little bit lighter. There. I’m just darkening this brown just a little bit
on these trees here. I wanted it to show up just a little bit more. Yeah, that’s pretty cool! I like that. Okay,
well we’ll go with that. And let’s see, what else? Oh the one last thing I want
to do is we have to put the rays of sunshine in. Now if you love yours like
it is, just leave it like this. If you don’t, then we’ll put sunrays in. So you
just take your white, tap your brush, and my lightest light is right here. Yours
may be over here or somewhere else, I don’t know. So anyway, just start making a little crisscross stroke with the white, because we want to glow right here. And actually, that’s kind of cool right
there! Just smooth it out and blend it out a
little bit, and to get those rays in there, just brighten this up a little bit
more, because I really want this to sparkle right here. Okay and then, let’s have one maybe down here. Oh, wipe
your brush off, if you happen to pick up some of this color here, just wipe your
brush off and do that again. Start over with the white. There, oh that’s nice. I
like that. I’m going to make just a, whoops, wipe my brush off. I want just a
little one here, just a small one. You can make as many or as few as you
want. And as a last finishing touch, I just, I mean ever so lightly, just barely
go over this. Just sort of blend it into the background. So it’s obvious, but not
too obvious. There! What do you think of that one? Do you like it? I was standing back and looking at this,
and I you decided that I wanted to do a little bit of green in here, and just,
just for, just a little bit of color. That’s very nice. It doesn’t take a whole
lot. And while I’m at it, I also would like to
take some of the the yellow, and just add a little bit in here, just because it
breaks up that blue a little bit. And you could, how about a little bit
right there? Yeah. And also, you could take a little bit of the brown, and you could
also add touches of brown. Cuz you know greenery, leaves and stuff like that, it’s
not all just one color. So that this just makes it kind of nice. Okay, I like
that. I’m going to stay with that. We’re going to sign it, and we’ll be done! Now
wasn’t this just as much fun as the last one? I just really enjoyed this one. And
I’ll tell you, after I finished this one I went back in and I changed a few
things, and you could do the same thing. I played with the colors in the flowers a
little bit, I’d put them in, I took them out, and then I put them back in again. And I
tried a variety of colors, and I just ended up with this one which I like. And
what I also did is I kind of darkened this stem, or the tree trunk here a
little bit because I thought that looked a little better than when the light was
kind of shining through it. So maybe you’ll want to do that to yours. And
notice that I did use all the pastel colors and I made them very light so
it’s this is not a dark painting at all. And I use the yellows and the pinks and
the blues, and I just think that one turned out really nice. So anyway if
you’d like, send me a photo of whatever one you do. And if you’re doing it in
acrylic, oh, I’d love to see the acrylic ones! So, and also be sure and check out
my facebook page all these links and the colors and everything are listed below
under the show more tab. So just drop that button down and you can see what
all is under there. So anyway well have a fabulous weekend. Bye-bye you

38 thoughts on “X-tra Bob Ross “Golden Rays of Sunshine” painted my way! Oil Painting Techniques With Yovette

  1. Thank you Yovette. I was wondering. If I could do the black and white blocking in oil paint and wait until it’s completely dry. I really don’t like acrylics. I like this one a lot. Thanks for the lovely lesson.

  2. Thanks. Beautiful painting
    Please mention colors name and brushes name and numbers in comments

  3. no doubt this painting and video is so popular… it is so pretty!! and your instructions are so precise and easy to follow!!

  4. I absolutely love this painting. Next on my list to try. Thank you for posting it.
    Jackie from Niagara Falls, Ontario

  5. Fabulous painting, yes you said you moved from Alaska to cold lol😁😬I enjoyed this and the other one you did 💝thank you 👍🏼🙋☮️🇬🇧💚

  6. I have painted this, I have seen several renditions, but this pastel one by far is the prettiest. It inspires me to do it in an upcoming class.
    Thanks as always for sharing.

  7. Wow! A stunning painting!! Love the colors! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!! Have a great and creative weekend!

  8. Just found your channel This painting is absolutely amazing Honestly amazed it's great You have a new follower Well done

  9. Congrats on the 3rd place ribbon!! It is a beautiful painting.
    I have a question you may know the answer to, I am using our 5th wheel as my painting studio. Which is great but we live in Idaho at around 3000 ft. which means it gets cold. So my question is "Do I need to bring my paints in for the winter? I may not be out there everyday so will they freeze. I have both oil and acrylic. Thanks Cindy

  10. I love the way you show us different things every time. The first part you did was glazing and it was like just passing with magic brush to the canvas creating masterpiece, you make things look easy. I love it

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  13. Wow!! I worked on the first layer of gesso last night and the gesso trees tonight. I'm glad I watched this version before I added oils! This is just beautiful!! The first class I took, we added black acrylic paint with a sponge before adding oils and it had such a nice effect. It looked sort of like mountains. Can't wait to finish this! I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have a Bob Ross instructor to help me/us along my/our new journey! Thanks for all you do and without charge. That shows what kind of person you are! (An awesome one!) God bless 🙏

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