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Yamik procedure, a method for topical treatment of sinusitis The physician performs simultaneous bilateral anesthesia and anemisation of the nasal and nasal pharyngeal mucous membranes using insulation. Since the procedure will not take more than 10 minutes maximum three milliliters of the solution is required for an adequate level of anesthesia The therapeutic approach selected by the physician is topical administration of antibiotics During the treatment procedure the medicine will be introduced directly into all paranasal sinuses simultaneously. The treatment starts with examination of the nasal cavity for anatomical peculiarities to be considered during placement of the Yamik nasal catheter inside the nasal cavity Catheter introduction into the left side of the nasal cavity. It is performed with the patient in a sitting position. The catheter body was pre bent so that the length of the introduced part of the catheter corresponds to the distance between the nasal vestibule and the choana. Balloon inflation Inflated balloons one in the nasal vestibule and the other in the choana seal and isolate the sinonasal cavity from the outer environment. They also restrict the contact area between the drug and the mucous membranes of the nose and paranasal sinuses. Sealing is mandatory for the Yamik procedure In order to provide good visibility of nose wing movements for the physician the patient’s head should be tilted during seal check When the syringe plunger is pulled the nose wing should be drawn in and returned to the initial position synchronous to the plunger movement. For injection of the drug Into the sinuses the patient should be placed in the lateral recumbent position on the same side as the sinuses to be injected. In this position the drug will fill the sinuses due to a balance of gravity and surface tension. A 20 milliliter syringe filled with 10 milligrams of the drug solution should be attached to the working channel of the catheter The physician begins to move the plunger at a 1 to 2 milliliters amplitude This is quite sufficient for the solution to start passing from the syringe into the sinuses such a small pressure change guarantees a painless procedure. The physician performed 90 back-and-forth movements of the plunger as a result 10 milliliters of the antibiotic solution were injected into the sinuses in just 50 seconds. There is no nasal discharge after catheter removal. It means the entire drug stays in the sinuses. During injection there were no signs of the drug getting into the patient’s pharynx This is indicative of the fact that the solution did not proliferate beyond the area restricted by the inflated balloons during procedure. The patient should be placed in a sitting position face down. A slight exhalation through the nose causes secretion to appear from the sinuses only at that side of the nose where the drug solution was injected. It means that the draining function of the left nasal ostiums has been already partially restored in the course of the procedure. It can be explained by the fact that the viscosity of the abnormal content in the sinuses has begun to decrease after contacting the saline injected into the sinuses and the available lumens of the natural ostiums have become sufficiently large to allow for independent evacuation of secretion from the sinuses. A similar procedure performed for the right side of the nose It took the physician only 70 movements of the plunger to inject 10 ml. of the drug into the other side of the nose. Now secretion is released from both sides of the nose while secretion is released from the right side. It indicates that the draining function of the ostiums has been restored even more. Cotton plugs should be inserted into the nose only for hygienic reasons. The patient will remove them himself after 30 minutes So let’s summarize

75 thoughts on “YAMIK procedure – a method for topical treatment of sinusitis

  1. the only reason why it seams painful is bc there is so much pressure when he is doing it. As well they are kids and slightly spooked for he is touching a sore spot.

  2. just curious if adding antibiotic topically to sinuses does this make gettiing c.diff i have history of sinus infections and others and of course had lot of oral broad spectrum antibiotics but i ended up with c.diff in october 2017. so now if i get sick i am paranoid need antibiotic like ear infection my doctor told me i could do drops and if pink eye the ointment. just wondering if it going just to the areas is that a good option to those whom have had c.diff and want prevent reinfection?

  3. also do nosebleeds commonly occur after procedure or if patitent has history of nosebleeds and have severe nasal irritated passageway?

  4. I hope this will be available here in the Philippines, im always having an allergic rhinitis then after a few days it will turn into sinusitis.

  5. A mi me da mucha pena ver un niño enfermo. Soy de los pocos que si un hijo estuvo enfermo. Tampoco yo dormía. Espero que este procedimiento cure en pocas sesiones a los niños y demás pacientes. Saludos desde Costa Rica

  6. Can you please tell me where is your clinic is? Can you please show the location.I want to bring my daughter to visit. Thank you ?

  7. My daughter is 5 years old, she has ethmoid & maxillary sinuses on her right side, can you please let me know if you can treat? Can you please send me your location or telephone? Thank you ?

  8. En verdad se ve algo doloroso pero se ve que sabe hacer bien su trabajo sin lastimar mucho a los pacientes… es admirable.

  9. congratulations to the doctors who would be of us without you for us to help in the most difficult hours of our life brilliant congratulations to everyone doctor of the world you are incredible

  10. This is the best quality method and the best surgery therapy for Nose. … I would Gratulation Russian and Georgia Doktors, he haves the good work. ….

    Russian and Georgian and Turkish are the best Doktors in the WORLD

  11. Pode ser desconfortável o procedimento, mas dps o resultado parece ser mto bom saiu tanta secreção ela deve estar se sentindo bem melhor com esse tratamento

  12. How come this isnt any where in the states? seems like western doctors just want to rush you into sinus surgery to collect money from the insurance companies.

  13. I am Suffering from Allergic rhino sinusitis for more than 12 years. Is this YAMIK treatment cure or control rhino sinusitis. Is this treatment available in India?

  14. Is this also avalable in Germany? I I have an uncomfortable pressure feeling in my front area. This for 7 days there. Can you advise me pls??

  15. Pls. I live in Germany and my Sphenoid Sinus and frontal sinuses are creating me most of all headeach. Can you make that also in germany

  16. Hi my voice is like a nasal voice it is possible i have sinusitis?this is 7months already

  17. The end slate said the girl felt no pain during the procedure. Right. Tell that to the girl who was clearly crying in pain. I've had sinus issues and doing procedures like this even with numbing medicine, is painful. Poor girl.

    There is only one problem with this procedure. Antibiotics. The Mayo Clinic did a large study and found that 96% of all patients were found to have FUNGUS that was causing their chronic sinus infections, NOT bacteria. Antibiotics do not target fungal infections. Think about how many billions of dollars have been wasted on antibiotics for sinus infections. This is what is responsible for creating super bugs and antibiotic resistance.

  18. Brave girl! I had sinusitis for years and it’s miserable. Headache, sick, bad sense of smell, nose congestion most of the time. Tried to wash the nasal
    but turn out to be useless. This looks good treatment but I’m sure it not going to get rid of the illness one for a time. It’s chronical symptom and it may just relieve to some points temporarily. But sure it should be effective take antibiotic orally since it’s a direct injection the sinus

  19. my god. i am sure that this technique will solve my problems

    i am suffering more than 10 years, i need to inject some thing to dissolve the thich translucent mucus which could not be get out , then inject this medicine, i am living at brazil i do not know if here any doctor do this technique. can you guid me

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