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FISSURES and FISTULA is a very painful disease, and it effects the overall life style of its patient beside Kapalbhati pranayam. Most effective yoga for this is Ashwini Mudra or Horse Posture its same as horse shrink his anus and expand after toilet. Same process will be applied here for curing Fissures and Fistula. i.e shrinking and releasing anus. This is very effective yoga for Fissures and Fistula Known as Ashwini Mudra For Piles – take one cup of cool fresh milk, add one lemon juice and drink it at once. This treatment gives instant relaxation in piles This cures piles completely in 3 – 5 days, but do care that it should be taken empty stomach. we have practised this treatment in many patients and they are benifited, 2- Take a small piece of camphor, put it inside a Banana and swallow it, this also is very effective in piles. 3- make powder of dried coconut outer resins and take one Tea spoon with buttermilk. for 10-15 days, this cures bleeding piles or haemorrohids Precaution- Avoid oily and spicy foods, junk foods, brinjals, pickles and chillies. Drink fresh water at wakeup in the morning, use green vegetables and leafy vegetables. you will get relief for sure. 4- Bitter gourd, its leaves, flowers all are medicines that cures and protect from various diseases. Bitter gourd prevents constipation, gas and acidity in all aged peoples, infants colic and constipation can be cured using one drop of its leaves juice added with honey This is very effective prevents infection as well as deworming agent for all aged peoples. Recommended only 50-100 ml of bitter gourd juice.pls dont use more than recommended Bitter gourd is very effective in curing and preventing piles, fissures and Fistula, It also helps in managing Blood Sugar Level. Conclusion- Bitter gourd cures Indigestion, acidity, constipation, worms,Diabetes and all types of Piles. use of 250 gms of riped Guvava early morning also cures and prevent piles and fistula. it can be used by diabetic patients also. Subscribe this Channel for more health related videos with English Subtitles.

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