Taking Charge of Your Health

Let’s bring the hands behind, fingers pointing towards you, or away from you if you prefer But keep shoulders above the wrists. and down with chest opened. elbows facing each other. Inhaling we are pressing against the floor to give an impulsion bringing torso, hips and gaze towards the sky Slowly exhaling and bringing space between the shoulderbaldes gently lowering ourself to the ground Inhaling raising the arms up to the sky, shoulders away from the ears, exhaling going forward and down I inhale pressing the fingers to the mat, I bring the shoulders away from the ears and I see on next exhaling if i can bring torso closer to the ground. No worry if forehead does not rests on the floor, but make sure to rotate biceps outwards, armpits opened to the sky A long inhale and see if upon exhaling you can relax a bit more in the hips relaxing further in the buttocks, letting go of resistance. Trying to gently deepen the stretch Next inhaling brining fingers to the mat I press them against the ground raising myself up trying to keep the elongation each side of the torso. Hands back to the knees. Breathing in, breathing out. Breathing in and Then exhaling and coming on all fours Fingers are pointing forward and index are parallel Protecting the wrists, having elbows and shoulders aligned. We prevent collapsing in the lower back by engaging the core muscles. Inhaling and gazing forward spine is long. Inhaling I tucked the toes under, and exhale. Next inhaling, pressing the hands firmly to the mat I raise the groin up One way if you wish is to bring the torso closer to the thighs still pressing hands to the floor, i bring tailbone up keeping shoulders far from the wrists.I exhale bring myself into Addo Mukkha -Downward dog. Inhaling, trying to free any tension in the neck, opening armpit to the sky. Upon next inhaling we raise the right leg up, up, up as much is comfortable. Hands are rooted and so is the left foot. Inhaling and next exhaling we bring the right hip in line the left both facing torward the earth. Inhaling looking forward lifting the left heel up bringing the shoulders forward above the wrists going into a plank variation. Staying there and when next exhaling we lower ourselves into Chaturanga – Four limbed staff pose – towards the floor. Inhaling raising torso up keeping it facing forward. Exhaling freeing the neck. Inhaling we press against the mat bringing tailbone up Right leg is raised. Inhaling pushing the mat away, exhaling bending the right knee and bring the right foot between the hands. Breathing in, breathing out. Breathing in and when breathing out slightly going back by bending the right knee slightly back, inhaling giving an impulsion to the movement exhaling bring the back foot between the hands. letting the body going slightly forward letting the head going towards the earth Inhaing the hands glide forward, staying on the inhale raising up letting the shoulders away from the ears, easing my breathing Exhaling slowly going back to Tadasana – The Mountain pose Inhaling, we will switch to the left leg, exhaling letting ourselves go further forward by bringing the body go closer to the toes letting the hands go to the floor finishing exhaling. I inhale I inhale pressing the hands to the ground and exhaling left leg going back then the right. Looking at going upward before going back. Inhaling both hands and arms are ingaged, bringing breathing space between the ribs. Exhaling releasing back of the legs A long inhale and on the exhale I see whether I can widen the space between the shoulderblades armpits going towards the sky. Inhaling raising the left leg as high as is comfortable staying there on the exhale Next inhaling pushing the mat away and on the exhale letting the left hip aligned to the right, the left foot is flexed Inhaling looking forward to give a direction to the movement lifting the right heel and bringing the body weight forward going into plank pose Inhaling and then exhaling and slowly going downward to the ground inhaling going up and exhaling staying there correcting the posture Torso going forward Inhaling looking first at activating the arms then the core muscles, and finally bringing the left leg up Breathing in, breathing out. Breathing in and then breathing out and bending the knee bringing it between the hands. Feel free to bring the right hip forward, squaring the hips. Inhaling looking forward giving a direction, shoulders away from the ears, opening the chest exhaling gently flexing the back knee Inhaling activating both legs, exhaling bringing hands to the floor, bend knees if needs be. Inhaling gliding both arms, legs are firmly anchored, solid in the core muscles exaling going back to initial posture Breathing in, breathing out and again breathing in, breathing out

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