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Welcome to the VitaLife Show
I’m doctor Janine Bowring and in today episode of the VitaLife Show
we’re talking about liver cleansing and you should never do a liver cleanse
without first doing this. So I wonder if you can guess that may be I’m going to explain using Lucy our model
today to show you why it’s so important to do
the right type of cleanses. I always get the questions here at the VitaLife Show well what about cleanses liver detox what’s the best detox diet I going answer all these questions for
you today using Lucy so what is that magical thing that we have
to do before doing a liver cleanse well we have to make sure that also our
Colon and our Kidneys are cleanse at the same time so if we take a look at Lucy will see
that all the internal organs work together so for instance the liver is so important as an internal
detox organ as well as the intestine and the
kidneys as well which of course are hidden behind the intestines in the
stomach so it’s really important to think about
if you think about your kitchen sink and if your kitchen sink is like your
liver one of you know the cleansing organs and then the pipes that drain the
kitchen sink it’s like your colon so imagine you know you’ve got a lotta
gunk in that kitchen sink you’ve fleshing off the sides, fleshing out the
liver and you don’t pull the plug well that’s
essentially what happens with a lot of people that are doing cleanses is when
they’re doing a liver cleanse and they haven’t let go of the plug
which is the colon and the large intestine what happens is that essentially they’re pushing those toxins
into an area that’s not ready for it this is why people often will have signs
and symptoms of toxicity when they’re doing a cleanse we
don’t want that for you the best thing to do is always
to do a full body detox and that’s what I always recommend for all my patient so what are some other great things that
we can do for cleansing our liver well let’s give you some tips first and
foremost using lemon so fresh lemon squeezed into a little
bit watered drink this first thing in the morning when you wake up a great way to
gently cleanse and get the liver going secondly castor oil pack absolutely love
castor oil pack I’ve use them for years with my patients as a naturopathic
doctor and you’ll find out how to do that we’ll
have a future episode exactly how to make a castor oil pack
and I’ll show you how to do that so be sure to check that out here at the VitaLife
Show Basically what you need to put some castor oil onto a cotton piece of cloth and you put that especially over
the liver which is a great thing to do for about 45 minutes then you can just
relax with this there with a hot water bottle and top great
way to detoxify the liver very cost-effective as well next on the
list in your diet, so the diet tips so for doing a liver cleanse include increasing the number of green leafy vegetables in
the diet and a green leafy vegetables are often
very bitter and they help to detoxify your liver and this is really you know something that you can
add into your daily diet every day so things like dandelion greens, bok choy, swiss chard
great for detoxifying the liver naturally next
on list is herbs so there’s some great liver detox herbs that help you to get
all those toxins out of the liver and one of my favourite of course is milk thistle, so milk thistle helps to not only regenerate health liver cells but also helps to detox the liver and so you can find all these things you know
often in your health food store and you know check out our website for further full body detox tips and if you have any questions or comments I really would love for you that ask
your questions and comments below do you have questions about detoxification have you tried to detox a cleanse before
and you’ve had you know maybe some of those negative side effects that I spoke
about Well often that because you’ve done the wrong type of detox and it’s really important to do the full body detox to get all those toxins out especially
the colon and the kidneys as well as the liver and the other internal
organs all at the same time and that’s what I always recommend now I hope that you subscribe to our
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100 thoughts on “You Should Never Do A Liver Cleanse Before Doing This : Liver Detox Cleanse – VitaLife Episode 152

  1. I periodically get the liver attack, clearly it wants to clean out but can't, I end up doing what I can to get comfortable but nothing ever changes it, tests reveal nothing. I just keep tweaking my diet, currently I dropped milk and have had the flu which hit hard since I have been chroinically ill for years, I hear that can be part of the detox. I also am waiting for an immunologist to give me the okay for dental work to get rid of the bad stuff in my mouth that is mercury based. Hopefully all the infections are gone.Any work done with RH- patients? We are slightly more acidic, more sensitive and more prone to histamine issues.

  2. My daughter has symptoms of Liver toxicity but she has a reaction of her throat starting to close when she eats citrus fruits, or drinks. is there something she could use instead?

  3. Hi Vitalife. I have a question. Whenever I drink lemon juice on an empty stomach early morning my stomach gets upset. I do have Indigestion problem. But I feel like drinking lemon juice increases that indigestion. Does this means my liver is full of toxins?

  4. What about bentonite clay and psyllium in the morning and bone broth at night for 2 weeks? Is that a good idea for detox and nutrition?

  5. She forgot the Lymphatic system ! you have to take care of the Lymphatic system first ! that's why people get skin problems because the kidney and liver can't handle all the toxins so the lymph takes over then you get eczema and psoriasis ! Water Enema's help flush toxins without over loading the organs…. you have to support the detoxing organs before you can flush the system or you will get sicker then you were to begin with… everybody needs to research candida and parasites because of 70% of us have both problems which cause multiple health conditions that turn chronic and lead to cancer … this is not the best video to take advice from … don't stop here keep doing your research

  6. yes i did my 1st liverflush and after that i have got 4 galbladder attack in a span of 15 days is it common ????? coz before the flush i would experience an atack once in 3 months or 6 months / why is this happening so often

  7. i did my regular check up with my doctor he said there was some damage to my liver but not to the point where im gonna get sick so what do you recommand doing a colon cleanse first then a liver cleanse?

  8. can you please tell me HOW putting codliver oil on your liver detoxes it….sorry have never grown out of how x

  9. Hey there, really needing some insight on this cleanse. A week after my parasite cleanse I did my first ever liver/gallbladder flush. It has been four weeks now and ever since then both cuticles of my big toes have been swollen and in pain. Perhaps my kidneys couldn't handle all the Epsom salt?? Im worried to be honest but didn't know who to ask about this. What do you think happened? Look forward to your reply! Thank you

  10. lemon water is the best solution…I think….its easy to find ..easy to use …n very very effective …go for pure lemon water

  11. I have yellow skin around my eyes and dark circles, discoloured fingernails with no half moons, slight right side sciatica (the liver is on the right side and can affect the sciatic nerve). So I'm pretty sure it's all liver related. I'll have to look more into this and see a doctor. I'd much prefer to do a cleanse like this though than be on medication.

  12. Doctor's intention with this video was to deliver a message to not to embark on a liver cleanse without checking your kidneys and bowels out first. She got the message across IMO. If you do a full blown liver cleanse without having the kidneys and bowels on board things could get backed up; as she pointed out with the sink analogy.

    Doctor gave a couple common sense solutions for kidney maintenance like drinking lemon water in the morning and trying out the castor oil pack treatment. I've watched the castor oil pack video and it's very good. VitaLife has many videos on all types of cleanses and tips on healthy mind and bodies…check them out.

  13. Good tips. .Please tell what are the symptoms to detox liver and I always feel pain at the top of stomach and always feel fully. Please also diagnose DOING NIGHT DUTY WILL AFFECT THE LIVER

  14. She's saying at 1:47 that the best thing to do is a full body cleans, and then instead of talking about how to go about doing that she starts talking ONLY about liver cleansing .. Pffftttttt

  15. hi vita tree channel I had a blood work that came out with high liver enzymes how to I fix this problem and how to I treat my leave I would appreciate if I can get a response please thank you ??????????????????

  16. preparing to do a liver/gailbladder cleanse in 3-1/2wks. on 5/28 i was in the hospital and the md and surgeon urged GB removal (i refused stating i had alternative methods. i must say tho, in <10mins the surgeon said, "well, your 1st choice is removal of the GB"!!!)
    according to the ultrasound my GB is thickened and sludgy. i did a L/GB cleanse in 2001, successfully. unfortunately i never kept it up and became etoh dependent. (yes, yes! the etoh stopped on 5/24)
    i know i need to be careful as my GB is in a dangerous state atm.
    thanks for the video.

  17. I've done 12 liver cleanses so far and it has restored my health, something doctors have been unable to do. I'll forever be grateful to the late Andreas Moritz. RIP

  18. Hello I just got gallbladder removed and have a fatty liver,Dr says it's 2 or 3X it's size. I'm drinking water with cucumber, mint leaves, lemon. what kid of detox does that do if anything. I have big cup 2x a day sipping slow.

  19. Choline & Inositol pills, supper cheap supper easy. 3,000 mg a day for three weeks. You will turn your liver around in no time. Then take daily 500mg, as maintenance dose. You'll notice your skin get better too. Skin issues are common with non-alcoholic fatty liver.
    Also, don't just trust me, Google this and read all about it.

  20. please improve your voice recording voice…your voice is annoying… bad…quality…. good lock. love your program

  21. Thank you so much for this video it is wonderful I have a question how do I help someone detoxify and prophetic compromise liver and I do mean very compromise this person needs help I know that these things here will help but what else can I do please help

  22. I would do essential oil enema than coffee
    much much more effective
    then i would just eating lots of mango and it will get the liver going more efficient.

  23. Dear Dr.
    I have been diagnosed with fatty Liver . I have a weak digestive system. and i feel some type of a mild pain in the upper right abdomen after eating "fully" at a restaurant. Also i feel an unintensional weight loss.Please clearify it whether it has a direct link with a fatty liver or not…?

  24. Hi, i am doing full detox, mainly liver cause i have constipation, bloating, acne issues. now after starting the medication, i started getting gastric problems at night and stomach pain, and my acne breakout increased so much, its been 15days now. So are these just indication for toxin exit or is it serious?

  25. His woman look insane and speaks to the viewers like they're all special needs. It takes upto 3 years to cleanse a fatty liver completely

  26. I’ve been experiencing pain around liver and kidney, last night it was diffucltbto breath, and I’m on tramadol..for an injury on low back.
    I’m thinking of getting some blood work done tmrrw.. is their anything else I should do to find out if their is some- thing wrong with my liver or kidney ??

  27. It blows away how many people have time to waste, and waste the the time of others that really are fighting for their lives! Do you people get paid or what?! ( stupid comments below) why don't you go volunteer or something or better yet grow the fuck up and get a life!
    If this woman was making "illuminati " signs she wouldn't be on You Tube trying to help people,nor would she be a natureapath!
    Saharan /illuminatii same thing the former was kicked out of heaven because he didn't want to serve man(what God wanted him to do) he was way to pretty and full of himself! The iluminatti is no different they have so much more than any of the rest of us naves! They think! do some serious research and quit picking on someone , that is obviously someone who gives a shit and doesn't need to waste her time acting a fool!


  29. Hi I am 33 year old male. I just got my medical exam done. My livers Alt and ggt level are on higher side. Please help me out how to fix this problem. Thanks

  30. Great idea. I just found out that I have liver inflammation. I do not consume alcohol and I am a non smoker. Do you have any suggestions. Thank you.

  31. I want to do liver cleanse and bought Epsom salt and extra virgin olive oil will use with orange juice please let me know how to cleanse kidneys and colon and parasite cleanse thanks.

  32. i took milk thistle and it helped me alot… i was diagnose with hepatitis b since 2010 and after taking milk thistle this year 2018 i felt soo better that i felt the medicine works like magic. not until a week later i started feeling dizzy.
    my doctors couldnt get the reall cause of the dizzyness and told me to stop the milk thistle. they check my sugar levl and all seems normal. they later said is dehydration. was drinking 5litres daily basis for a month or two together with vitamin b

    the dizziness is no more but i really liked my recovery after the milk thistle.
    can i please start taking the milk thistle?

  33. I am a 23 year old and my hight is 5.8" but my weight is 52kg l am suffering in a liver disease because some symptoms of liver detoix soo 3year commen weight and my back one day pimples is come and few days his gone sometimes my body colors is yet yellow most important i am not gain a weight i am trying much better protein nut fruits and vegetables etc so plz tell me the good way too clear that

  34. I am from India
    Dear respected doctor . My liver is fatty to many years ago . I am very thin and weak and I feel that my liver is burn . Please suggestion and contact details for advice

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