Taking Charge of Your Health

So your child has a fever. First thing to do, don’t panic. Don’t be scared. Calm down, right? Your child wants you to
be in a calm sate of mind so that you can do the best actions to care for your child. So let’s talk about the fever. Why is it there? Well, something happens. Your child’s immune system is responding to some kind of an agent that has entered it’s body that it hasn’t seen before. So, the fever, the temperature in the
child’s body starts to rise. Right, so pay attention
to what’s happening, because a child with
a fever of 99 degrees, 100, 101, sometimes 102, 103, these kids can have a fever and be playing and be happy and just walking around or crawling around and it’s not a big deal. So pay attention to how
your child is acting because if they’re okay, if they seem to be okay, let that fever run it’s course. It’s not something serious that needs immediate medical attention. Now, if your child has a fever where it has risen high
and it’s gone high fast, now that’s a reason to
start to think about connecting with a doctor, okay? But, you also want to consider is your child lethargic? Is the child arching it’s back? Now is it crying out in pain? Are there other signs there that are showing you that
your child is not well? In that case, yes, you
may want to consider going to urgent care, or if you have a
naturopathic doctor close by, go ahead and check in with your vitalistic naturopathic doctor. ‘Cause what are the things
you don’t want to do if your child has a fever? Well, most parents are gonna wanna run and start giving a fever reducer. Why is that not such a good thing? Well, why is the fever
there in the first place? The fever is there, we know that it’s activating
the immune system. It’s getting the natural
killer cells going. It’s starting to get the
adaptive immunity going, which means that it’s now starting to build up antibodies, and the actual natural rise in temperature is killing off whatever pathogens might have been in the body, because now it’s at a temperature, the body is at a temperature higher where these microbes can’t
withstand that environment. It’s not a hospitable
environment, it’s too hot, so they to start to die off. So we want that immune response. We want that fever there. If a parent gives a fever reducer, then you don’t have those
natural killers cells produced, you don’t have the antibodies produced, you don’t have the
natural killing response that is a part of the immune system. It doesn’t ever happen. So if you have questions about fever and you want other ideas about what you can do, you can go for the book,
The Unvaccinated Child. In here, we’ve given you options as far as how to work
with fevers naturally and also other ideas in terms of herbs or homeopathic remedies or minerals. Different things that you
can safely use at home if your child has a fever or any other childhood illness.

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