Taking Charge of Your Health

Very important part of our life is eating If the eating is good, everything is good And if eating is not good, everything is not good Eating is our life But it is said that we are not living for eating, we are eating for living Cooking is a science Cooking is a phylosophy Like many other Indian phylosophies That is called “Pak Shastra” Like yoga-vedanta, advaita-vada, dvaita-vada, mimamsa, etc, all these six philosophies of India Among them there is the “Pak Shastra”, pak shastra philosophy It is ordered into the ayurveda chapter Ayurveda is mostly for the nourishment, according to the quality, the nature of the person Vata, pitta, and kapha This connects to three qualities: sattva, rajas, and tamas Pak shastra speaks about the quality Not the quantity Quantity makes us ill according to the food and quality makes us happy, healthy, and long life Greetings for everybody We go now to the market for shopping We take about 1.5 hours Then we come back and prepare the recipes We cook kicheri And we will have a rice pancake Wich we can also make with moong dal Very carefully! One-two leaves a day. Yeah, and it depends on the constitution also and the saison outside Everything we do has always underlining the constutution, age, and the saison TULSI Different types of “dal” (lentils and beans) It will be with rice and moong dal Everybody can eat rice, from small children to old people people who are suffering from any digestive problems people who were operated recently and are undergoing recovery people who are feeling weakness They all can have this I will give you a general formula Dhanvantari Mantra Shankam cakram jalaukam dadhatamruta ghatam caru dorabhihi ca caturbhihi I Sukshma svaca ati hridayamsuka parivilasam maulinam bhojanetram II Kalambhodo jvalangam katitat vilasas carupitambharadhyam I Vande dhanvantarim tam nikhila gadavana praudha davagni lilam II

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