Taking Charge of Your Health

– Integrative medicine is integrating all the different
specialties and modalities that have been shown to help people. So, if a person comes in and says, you know what, I just have bad depression and I’m tired of being
depressed all the time. And I will offer them all
these different things, holistic and natural,
that they can choose from, and also, obviously try to find out what the source of the depression is. If we can mend that, that would be ideal. But they may say, thank you but I just want a pill. And I’ll be able to say, you know what? I can do that for you too, if you’d like. We wanna help you get better in whatever fashion you feel you wanna do. I might say, well, these are
gonna be the side effects from the pill, if you’re
okay with that, that’s fine. But a lot of times, too, it’s gonna be just
following up with them too. So, we put them on a pill for
whatever the problem might be, come back and see me in four to six weeks, make sure you’re doing better, if they’re happy with it, great, I’m happy. That’s our goal. Our goal is not to force,
necessarily, our care on them, our goal is to offer them what we’ve been trained in, and what I know that potentially they can use, and they can then just pick. It’s like going to the salad bar, this is what I want, I don’t want that. So, we’re gonna be able to
offer all of those things and they can then choose
which one they want. As long as they understand the pros and the cons of each of them, then it’s their health, it’s their life. Let them choose. I’m not gonna try to force my type of training and
understanding on them. I want them to be happy with what we’re offering. I also want them to have
the best possible outcomes. – [Narrator] To find out more about how The Healing Sanctuary can
help enrich your life, visit us online and give us a call, or connect with us on social media.

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