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Welcome to this presentation on your
Medical Astrology Chart in Plain English: Understand your health with the Stars at
the moment of Birth. By yours truly. If you’re here it’s because you’re either
very curious to what I’m about to say or you’re interested in how far I can take
the type of nonsense. Either way I thank you for being here! In this short presentation I expect that you learn about the history of astrology,
and how it was used in the study of medicine. The modern usage of the
zodiac signs and the human body. And a Sample Chart that I made using
my own chart. Obviously for confidential purposes I cannot show any of my clients’ charts and that’s how I plan to keep it. Therefore, if you decide to work together
on this I will also keep your chart confidential. So I’m going to show you
how I use medical astrology to find relationships among the body’s functions
according to the stars at the moment of birth. In this chart, I want you to follow
the cursor to show you what you’re seeing. First. Right here. We start with
the 12 zodiac signs. The very first sign is Aries. You can see here (as) the “RAM.”
And in the medical astrology Aries is related to the head in the human body.
Hence those who are born in the month of Aries which is March 21st to April 19th
are likely to develop some symptoms in the head region. Depending on whether
you’re a male or a female the head issues can be acute or chronic. And if you keep following this type of clock on going counterclockwise, You’ll see Taurus, which is the area of the Neck or the Cervical region. Then with Gemini, you will (match) it with the lungs and arms. And cancer… And so on and so forth.
All the way until Pisces. However, this does not mean that (in)
the month you were born, you will suffer problems in that area specifically. I wish it was that simple though As you can see with this information
plus the planet, obviously not shown here. I receive a basic yet holistic picture that helps me better assess health problems in clients. I have recently learned that astrology was just as important to learn as any science,
back in the times of the ancient Greeks Even in the Middle Ages, astrology
was very much used for the study of medicine. Next, I want to mention the history of astrology and how it evolved in the Western world. As we go through this, keep in mind that the Yellow Arrows show a period of
acceptance, and the red arrows show a period of rejection. So first off, astrology was been believed to become a science during the time of the
Babylonians back in 2000 BC. In this civilization, we had the cuneiform
writing system that helped save records and teachings of astrology to students
of many professions. In addition, pyramids built there helped study the Stars more in depth. Later, in around 200 BC astrology was introduced to the
Greeks. Maybe before that, I think. Who used it extensively in every profession,
especially in medicine at the time of Hippocrates. Who is known today as the
Father of Western medicine. Today, we consider Hippocrates to be the father of medicine and also we use the Hippocratic Oath. This is what every health care professional devotes him or herself to the service of humanity. As a physician himself, Hippocrates utilized astrology extensively to properly treat the sick. He even said once, “A physician with the
knowledge of astrology has no right to call himself a physician.” From that I can say that education in that topic was very much stressed. Then astrology was
transformed into the Roman culture when the Roman Empire took over them. And it was very well assimilated because a lot of the gods were just changing to (Roman) names. So the Greek gods became Roman gods. But then in the Roman Empire, when they adapted Christianity and it became the official religion.
Astrology went underground because of its contradictions of the
Bible. This was around 400 AD. Though astrology today was very much mentioned in the Bible, in which we can see in many ways, but that’s obviously obviously a topic that I have to mention at another time. Anyone who dared to speak against the Bible at that time would be persecuted and even killed. Later, sometime in 600 AD after Muhammad founded Islam, Many of the Arabs began
the conquest in the Middle East from Saudi Arabia into India, going into East,
and then Spain all the way up to some (northern) regions of Spain, known as Al-Andalus, more into the West. By this time the Arabs began to build and expand their Empire up until the time of the Crusades into the 1200s. (Here), Astrology began to resurface again because the Arab were scholars in this
type of medicine Used new methods of astrology. Unani medicine and Ibn Sina (Avicenna)
created the most prestigious medical universities at that time. This is where the Arabs and the Europeans exchanged information in astrology, And became popular once again in the West. From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance (period), all the way until the 1700s. But once again, in Europe in the 1700s, Astrology when I’m under a time of rejection when empirical evidence became the norm and the status quo of
Education in the West. So one thing to keep in mind though, is that many physicians still believe that the Stars influence our bodies at the time of
birth. The astrology was not the status quo
a lot of people still studied it. It made a comeback once again
thanks to India and the East. The problem with empirical West (Western
Europe) was that it took away the soul and essence of things that were studied about life. Everything became material and divisive. If it was something you couldn’t be measured, it wasn’t real. Many Westerners were starved in spirituality. This is why
India and the rest of the East, Like Zen in Japan and (other) Buddhist practices in Southeast Asia attracted so many people (Westerners). In addition, India also use astrology extensively, which inspired many physicians to explore more of this lost art. Astrology also became part of a movement during the rise of psychology in the 19th and 20th century with Jung and Freud. This was the time when personalities in human behavior were studied extensively. (Pressing the wrong buttons) The fact that astrology could also bring its own personality theories based on the twelve zodiac signs, Also received greater acceptance.
This is where we stand TODAY. Statistics show that 30% of Americans
read their horoscope every day. that may not be much in percentage, but that’s about 97.5 million people. Something in astrology creates curiosity. Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, my job is to help you understand how astrology is only a tool that we can benefit from. As you can see here in the Greek World, astrology we know today followed the Hermetic philosophy, which said, “As Above, So below. As within, So without.” Though short in words, that quote says more than thousand pictures. In other words, the Microcosm and the Macrocosm mirror each other. We can see this in medicine today also. For example, see this individual’s picture here. This is obviously a human being whether male or female, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that this individual is very complex inside. You have bones, muscles, organs,
joints and many other things. Yet they all somehow work together. It may seem simple, but at this exact moment the human body is performing every function (possible) to keep us alive. Think of this as YOU. You are in this moment unaware of the hundreds of chemical and physiological processes going on inside of your body. Now picture the stars doing this exact same process. The ancients were only aware of our solar system, and how these planets and stars influenced us from above. This is the Macrocosm. Thanks to modern astronomy, we can appreciate more stars and galaxies out
there. Whatever event is going on out there, don’t you think it’s affecting us in some way? We know that the moon affects our sleep cycle; and depending on the month you were born you’re prone to specific elements compared to other
people. This is not hocus-pocus anymore. It’s actually real science and observations. But ask me later if you want to know about sources where I can guide you for that. In addition, we’re also working what we call, the Microscopic World: the bacteria, the cell, the atoms, molecules, quartz, DNA etc. Anything that requires a microscope or even more specialized instruments we are
researching at this moment. The biggest discovery that modern medicine has connected (us) humans into the microscopic world is DNA. This is the microcosm.
We know very much that DNA influence how we look and even behave with others. DNA is the blueprint of the physical manifestation of your current anatomy and physiology. To many today DNA is actually what you’re destined to be, or at least, to look like. However, this is actually a busted myth. Today we have discovered that genes can change according to our behavior lifestyle
changes and even our diet. This is what is studied in Epigenetics, another discipline of genetics. Rather, a subdiscipline of genetics. Like DNA, the Stars become your personal information or events that you are prone to experience. “As Above, So below.
As within, So Without.” From DNA to anatomy and physiology. From the Macrocosm to the Microcosm. Where does that leave us though,
as humans here in this physical realm? Well, I think it leaves us as the MIRROR
between the Microcosm and the Macrocosm. As a mirror we reflect what happens
within and above. Anytime the mirror (or our bodies) start having some cloudiness (such as a symptom any kind of illness), We can take charge to clean ourselves from that cloudiness and take the correct action. Keep in mind that we’re always in charge of our health. Never forget that! Now that I’ve briefly spoken on the Hermetic philosophy and you understand my stance in the Microcosm vs. Macrocosm dilemma, I want to show you my astrological chart. Let’s leave the theoretical behind and get more practical here! so here there is a So here (below), there is a website called calm.
You can find a sail yourself and enter your information. First, it will confirm what you (enter) and you must know your date of birth, as close to the minute as
possible. If you don’t remember, that’s okay just try your approximate best.
As you can see here this is my approximate time. For even my mom does not exactly
remember when I was born to the minute But it’s close enough!
It will do!
The one thing you have to remember is also the CITY that you were born. This is what you will get when you enter your information.
This is my natal (astrological) chart, Showing how the stars were aligned the moment I was born. Now you may ask, “What the heck is all of this?” if you can remember from the previous page about the human body and the astrological signs, this is what part of it is.
The signs are present from Aries, which is right here. All the way, and going counterclockwise, to Pisces. The stars are the relationships among those (zodiac) signs. The stars are anything there are outside. I want you to ignore the gray stars
at this moment, and just focus on the colored ones. (Pressing wrong buttons, again!) In other words, think of the stars as the physiology in the relationship of the body between the chemical processes. And the zodiac signs as the actual anatomy and part of the body. I will just show you here about the Sun and the Moon because those are the easiest symbols to follow. As you can see the Sun is under this sign, which is Scorpio, right here. Scorpio shows the anatomy of the genital
area: The prostate, the penis, the testicles and even some of the rectum.
In females, it will be the uterus and to some it might be the ovaries too. In this case the Sun sign, because I am a male, shows my acute problems that my body can succumb when there is illness. But as for the Moon sign; you can see right here, it’s in the next zodiac which is Sagittarius. Sagittarius, as you can see
is next to Scorpio, and anatomically it represents the hips, the
thighs and everything inside: The gluteus (or gluts), the hamstrings, and
the sciatic nerve. The Moon Sign shows where chronic problems develop the moment that I succumb to illness too. We have acute and chronic, but that’s all
I’m going to show you for now because I just want to show you the actual
findings than when I did my own chart. First thing, acute problems most
likely to curl the genitals, most likely to be from inflammation of some sort.
It can even show you where is gonna be some sort of inflammatory,
process or a form of fluid blocks, which is kind of cool. Chronic problems most
likely to occur at the thighs. Specifically leading (to the gut). There’s a
connection of that with in the stomach which leads to digestive problems and
causing roughness in the skin in the thighs. It also mentions the thighs are the
first place where illness goes when my body is weak. (With the) likelihood of developing joint problems at the thighs and hips if I don’t take precautions. Meaning if I don’t exercise and if I do not take care of myself;
that’s where symptoms are most likely going to start first. Signs of serious problems are prone to begin at the head (Aries) including excessive brain activity.
And that is true I am very prone to excessive thinking. I’m even burning up
my hair when I was in school because it was just so much mental
activity I could not stop it. The next findings if I perform activities that do not involve much movement fluid can easily accumulate in my knees before
anywhere else. So again, exercise is important in my lifestyle. The kidneys and adrenals become weak if I don’t do this. Mentally, I tend to be
sarcastic, bold and stubborn… -_- Lifestyle modifications advice is not spending so much time in the Sun and more time (doing) “Earthing.” This is probably (the case) because I am more of white skin than other people especially where I was born I had to be careful where I go
on the sun. but at least I can spend more time “Earthing,” which mean grounding. A practice that you can just do anywhere, anytime outside. To summarize. I’d like you to see how much medical astrology can be useful as an extra tool to understand your own self and health challenges. As you may remember what the Stars show the moment you were born influences your mind and
body just like your DNA. But always keep in mind that because you’re prone to
some illness it does not have to be this way. Destiny relies in our choices not in chance. Next, find out about you! I will show you if you decide
to work together: * Type of personality.
* Acute symptoms location
* Chronic problems * Devitalizing part of the body
* Lifestyle recommendations to avoid or embrace. * Positive and negative
relations that will either protect or harm the specific areas of the body. * And what In astrology they call HOUSES, that show which part of the body is a risk of harm or vitality. (It will show which part of) the body could be a strength. If you’re interested in getting your own (medical) natal chart read, let’s schedule a time. Sometimes it is just amusing to know what the stars will show! So take this opportunity now. typically I charge $50 per reading. But for a limited time, I’m offering the same service for only $10! This is 80% OFF of the original price! But acts soon… Because this offer is only going to last until the next New Moon! Which is not that far! If you are interested in working together; again, please find me and send me a message here through my own website. Which is right here!
(See below) My Instagram. And my e-mail, right here written. I do want to thank you for attending this
presentation! And if you have further questions feel free to reach me at any time! I can guarantee you that if we work together you will learn something new about yourself. ALLOW THE STARS TO SHOW YOU THE WAY. Thank you again and have a
good one!

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