Taking Charge of Your Health

my name is Tate Hackert I am the
co-founder and President at ZayZoon ZayZoon’s a company that was created to
improve the health of employees by way of responsible financial products Wages
On-Demand being one of those. What we’re doing is we’re providing employees
access to the wages that they’ve already earned before their next payday for a space as new as Wages On-Demand to have the support of VISA behind us is pretty
amazing employees can access their funds in near-real-time at ZayZoon we’re really
wanting to build that employee experience we want to see them access
funds to do what they want to do if you have happy employees they provide good
service to your customers and then they come back these people become kind of
like family and we treat them as such the hospitality industry it’s got a lot
of turnover and having ZayZoon as an available benefit it’s a great reason to
stay. It makes them happy and more productive. That’s part of how we keep
our staff and we have a lot of staff that have been here for years. When you have a good culture you don’t have to recruit as well because people know you have a
great place to work, so offering benefits like ZayZoon, and little differentiators
that other people may not offer, may be the difference between recruiting the
talented employee and not. Wages On- Demand and financial wellness in the
workplace in general is really new. We’re really giving employees the tools that
they need to increase their financial health. I absolutely recommend it to
another business from our perspective it’s been seamless. This is ZayZoon is
awesome. Can’t go wrong

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