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Hello Everyone Welcome to my channel I am
Pranjali Srivastava and this one is the part 2 of my Switzerland Trip and I already have
shared a previous vlog on Switzerland . Ayush : So How does it feel in Snowfall ?? Pranjali – I
am walking on the streets of Engelberg Switzerland . It Feels amazing , Its Snowing here and
its beautiful. In this video, I will be taking you to places
in Zurich and nearby Zurich. So stay tuned till the end and all the football
and chocolate lovers, this video is going to blow your mind, Keep Watching !!
The first place in the list is FIFA World Football Museum. If you are a football lover, then this place
is a must go place for you if you are in Zurich. Behind me was a wall that would make any football
fanatic go crazy. it contained a gallery of all the
editions of football world cups lined side by side As you can see that these jerseys of the football
players and these are the autographed ones . Well, if you are planning to visit the museum
and you have the Swiss travel pass, then the entry to the museum is absolutely free. And this one is the playzone area, in which
you can see on t he left side he is acting as a commentator and on the right side he
is playing football and earning points, you can see he earned some 15000 points on kicking
the football. So this was a very fun section, where we enjoyed
playing football. And this is the area where you can sit back and
relax on these chairs to enjoy all the hit songs of FIFA world cups till date. Ayush was super excited about visiting the
museum as he totally loves football matches and he also is looking forward to watch the next FIFAworld
cup which is about to happen in 2022 in Qatar Doha. Lets see if we are able to go or not. Welcome to the world of chocolates as we all
know that Swtizerland is famous for its chocolates . So we also went to a store called Bachman-
The chocolate world and as you can see that there is a huge display of varieties of chocolates
and this display resembles like that of a sweet shop in India and its super fascinating
to see so many chocolate in one place. So these are the chocolates which are available
per 100 grams as you can see the price of these chocolates are according to the weight
of the bag which you choose. You can mix all the varieties which you like
and pay according to the weight of the bag which you chose. Now we are moving towards a place called “drinks
of the world” and there you can find all the varieties of alcohol from all parts of the
world. As you can see that all the bottles are so
well organised, they are categorised for example there is a separate section for wines, there
is a separate section for beer and so on. Well I don’t support the consumption of alcohol
in this video but yes the name of the shop attracted me and when I entered , I was amazed
because this shops a huge collection of all sorts of drinks from the world. this is my last night in Switzerland and tomorrow
I am leaving for India with a ver heavy heart because it was beautiful trip. I hope you all also enjoyed this trip with
me. Like share and Subscribe

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